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Fishing Hat (01)-Khaki

Fishing Hat (01)-Khaki

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2012):
I bought this hat a little over a year ago for the coming trout season. I finally had to put my old hat into retirement after it was practically in pieces. Most fishing hats, rods, gear etc, are steeped in a lot of tradition and superstition, thus we tend to hang onto things such as hats for as long as we possibly can. When I decided to buy this one here on Amazon, I admit I was taken in mostly by the price. I had seen hats very similar to this in places like American Eagle Outfitters and Old Navy for easily twice the price they are asking for it here. I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving it by the high quality and comfort. It is a very handsome hat that is extremely comfortable, and functional as well. And the quality of the fabric and stitch is superior considering the price. The hat has too heavy snaps on the side for folding the side brims up for the times when you want to look cool, and a nice rawhide drawstring to keep you from having to chase it down river in the event of an unexpected gust. I felt as if it had been part of my fishing trips all along from the very first outing with it. One thing that should be cleared up however is its claim of being water repellent. This hat is not water repellent but rather weather resistant. Meaning it won't repel water, but it will not be affected by it either. This has been rained on, dropped in the water, and been thoroughly soaked and it has neither lost any of its shape or quality feel. It may get wet if there is enough water, but it is not the least bit at any loss for it after drying out, (which it does very quickly). If you truly want something water repellent, you will just have to move up to a more expensive, (and in my experience more uncomfortable), hat that truly has a repellent lining. In my opinion unless you love fishing in driving rainstorms or the feel of anything at all wet on your head, I would recommend this fine quality hat. It is very comfortable, handsome and functional, and comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes that are sure to fit just about anyone. I love it and feel that its an excellent deal. Highly recommended...