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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Based on 3769 Reviews

Great hat by Chuck on 03/31/2015

I wear a size 8 hat, but can never find this size. Very happy to have found this on line store, Hat is well made and a comfortable fit, Great value for the money and quick delivery.

Great Visor by Jenny on 03/30/2015

I wear this for all my outdoor activities, and it really gives my face & ears sun protection while letting my head breath. I always have people ask me where I got it from. I keep one at home, in my car and at our vacation home. Love it!

got it in a timely matter by jeff on 03/30/2015

hat is very comfortable and was very affordable

great hat by great hat on 03/26/2015

great hat

worth the price by P on 03/26/2015


Great product by Connie on 03/25/2015

Will be purchasing more

Perfect by Maxx on 03/25/2015

Everything I hoped it'd be! Arrived in 2 business days. Now to purchase the other colors.

As Advertised . . . by Mark on 03/23/2015

Nice looking, well made . . . fits my 7/78 head just right.

Love it by ebrooks on 03/23/2015

Fits my big noggin and looks great. Will buy again.

Nice Hat by E brooks on 03/23/2015

It fits well, and looks great. No complaints here.

Awesome Hat by CUBuff85 on 03/23/2015

Great fit, style, and craft smanship!

Finally, a hat that fits! by Ron on 03/22/2015

I wear a size 8 fitted baseball hat and couldn't find a straw golf hat that fits for a reasonable price. The XXXL was perfect.

My head can breathe in this cool hat! by H.R. on 03/22/2015

Better than expected in quality for the price. My last hat cost me 2-1/2 times this price at M#$y's and had shrunk from being exposed to rain & heat. I would absolutel recommend and will shop there again. And I'm not being paid to say that!

excellent product at a rare 8 1/8 size by Kickered on 03/22/2015

it is terrific to find a 3 xl hat that fits

great find by gad on 03/22/2015

lightweight, wind and sunproof and good protection

Great hat for spring by Huggie Bear on 03/22/2015

I bought this hat to get me through Louisiana's long hot summers, I wore it to dialysis and all the nurses were very empressed with it. Some said I looked like I was ready for the beach. One said I look like an old gangster lol. This hat fits my BIG head well, not to tight. It cam with a couple foam inserts so you can tailor the hat to fit your head size. I left them out, I made add one back.

Turkey Huniting Cap by Tina on 03/20/2015

Great cap can be used for hunting...

EXCELLENT!!! by K on 03/18/2015

So I was trying to find a great hat that was LARGE for my trip to the Caribbean. I am very fair skinned and needed proper shade for the beach and sun. I did hours of research online trying to find the best beach/sun hat I could find. The size of the brim for all the other ones I looked at were way too small. So I went with this one. It worked PERFECTLY for the beach!!! I got so many compliments on it, and pair this with some cosmopolitan style glasses and you will definitely get some compliments. The order was FAST and customer service was great when I called. I am usually not a hat wearer but this was fun and I will definitely be returning to the site to try out some other styles. Also side note, as you know with traveling... On the way to the airport I stuck this in a light bag making sure not to smoosh it or anything, the top part is what I thought you had to be careful with so it would not get smashed. The other part of the hat you can somewhat bend it to get that classy floppy look so that wasn't a problem particularly bending the side up in order to fit in my beach bag (carry on). On the way back from my trip I had no room in my luggage/carry on bag that I did not know what to do, well, I figured I would place it on top of my suitcase (and yes it was completely full) and close it on top of the hat, I figure if it came out smooshed and ruined I would just buy another one, that is how much I love this hat!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER TWO DAYS OF TRAVELING and being thrown around by the airlines, I opened my over packed overweight suitcase, took out my hat, pushed the top out and reshaped it again, it looks the same! I was really surprised. So yes, 5 stars for hat itself and 5 stars for customer service.

Great hat-great value! by Jimbo on 03/17/2015

I've been a customer of e4hats for years.The price is so reasonable that when they get soiled I'll just buy some more rather than clean them.Great product at a great price

Awesome Hat by AdumbPirate on 03/16/2015

I was worried when i bought this that it would be cheap, like a Halloween costume. Boy was I wrong. This is a very good quality hat. You could use this as an everyday hat if you wanted.

I love it by Sandy on 03/16/2015

I will continue ordering from your company

Excellent by Don on 03/16/2015


XCELLENT by PATI on 03/16/2015

Great fit quality fabric, fast delivery

Nice by Andres on 03/16/2015

Love this hat, it`s big and looks great.

Love it by Andres on 03/16/2015

Fits great and looks great, and the brim size is perfect.

Satisfied by BLM on 03/16/2015

Quality of hat is better than I expected. Fast shipping.

Great Product by Mary B on 03/15/2015

Great Product, Excellant Quality, Timely Delivery, 5 Stars!!!

Just what I was looking for!! by HZistler on 03/15/2015

I love unique and quality clothes. And this is just what I was looking for. Love it!!

Great Hat by Quick_Daddy on 03/14/2015

Great hat but a little too floppy (washed out).

Great Hat (As usual from you) by Quick_Daddy on 03/14/2015

I got the enzyme washed and it's a tad too floppy for my likes. This is the better of the two because the fabric is stiffer. You Guys have the best hats on the market.

great product by Big head on 03/10/2015

I purchased this because I will be heading north to spend some time on a boat. I tested it out by blowing snow with my snow blower after I was hit with a storm. It works great and keeps the face warm. This probably will be too warm for temperatures above 30 F.

Nice but..... by Big head on 03/10/2015

Based off reviews I purchased this hat. I am one of those people blessed or cursed with a massive head. My hat size is something like a 7 and 3/4 or larger. In what universe is this hat for big headed people like me? Not this one. I had my wife try it on and she is a "norm". It was a little tight on her. Other than fitting issues, its nice quality.

Great buy! by jjk on 03/10/2015

Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Shipping was quick and will use this hat as my officiating (track and field) hat.

Great buy! by jjk on 03/10/2015

Very good quality hat at very reasonable price. Will use as my track and field starter/officials hat.

Beautiful hat, Quality made by Wendy on 03/10/2015

I just received this hat and it is delightful. Nice large brim that hold up well. Not floppy. Playful hat, my hubby was Wow-ed by the hat. Very well made.

Well made hat by Wendy on 03/10/2015

I love this hat! Got it in Natural with Black. The brim isn't floppy and maintains it's sexy & playful shape. Has an inside band for comfort.

exellent by joe on 03/10/2015

I love my new hats and cant wait for my cruise to show off my new hats Thank you so much. regards joe

Great Experience by Jeff on 03/09/2015

Website easy to use. Shipping was the same day. The hat was perfect!!!! Overall great experience. Thank you!

Its worth it. by Austin Ashborough on 03/09/2015

You get exactly what you see, patches and all, and for a price like this one you cant go wrong. its comfortable. and has a decent sturdy design. As or shipping. it was fast, and reliable. ell i was expecting to get this at least 3 days later than I got it.

fishing hat by fish on 03/09/2015

got for my grandson and he wears it everyday just fits him perfect, great for sunny days fishing with dad is ranked 4.8 out of 5. Based on 3769 user reviews.