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Road Hog Series Headwrap

Item # (SKU): rh000hw

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Road Hog Series Headwrap

This amazingly durable hat features a 3 paneled crown, covered sinister images of fire-eyes skulls with menacing grins.Not a hat to wear home to Mother.Designed to keep you looking and feeling cool, this cap is also constructed with a thick forehead band.To ensure a snug stay on fit, this thick cap also if fitted with fitted with two side tails, which knot up cleanly in the back.A cap made from the highest quality, and designed for those who accept nothing else! Available in a variety of styles and colors.

Made from 100% cotton.
One Size.
Available in Tribal Greens, Babe in Hell, Chopper, Devil in Flames, Eagle, Joker, Lady Rider, Spades, Tribal Barbed Wire, Tribal Color, Feeling Lucky, Tribal Eagle, Aces, Bike, Choppers, Flying Eagles, Drink to Live, Q, Tribal Dragon, Tribal in Black and .