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Long Sleeve Gloves

Long sleeve gloves are very elegant and they exude sophistication as well as timeless appeal. If you constantly attend formal black-tie events, then you need to dress your part. Aside from the right dress, you also need the right accessories.
Long Sleeve Gloves

More About Long Sleeve Gloves

Long sleeve gloves, also called evening or opera gloves, are formal gloves that reach beyond the elbow thus its name. They are often worn with formal or semi-formal wear. These gloves come in different sizes but the Full-length Opera Gloves that is over the elbow is considered as the most elegant. Long sleeve gloves are often made from expensive kidskin but there are others that are made from less expensive materials such as cowhide and suede. Aside from leather and leather-like fabrics, long sleeve gloves are also made from stretchable satin. Although these gloves are being revived today, they became immensely popular during the 18th century in many European countries. In most cases, long-sleeve gloves are worn by women from affluent families so anyone can determine the social class of women by just looking at their gloves.

Today, however, long sleeve gloves are available to everyone and they come in different style and designs to match different preferences. Exude elegance by wearing long sleeve gloves. Theses gloves are great for ladies who are going to attend a formal event. Here at, we have a wide selection of long sleeve gloves so you are bound to find the one that matches your dress. Keep your accessories simple by getting dress gloves. These long sleeve gloves are available in different types of colors and styles thus choose one that complements the overall look of your dress. With these gloves, you don’t really need to wear fancy accessories to adorn your dress. While long sleeve gloves are perfect for formal events, you also need to keep a few gloves for your everyday look. Full Finger Gloves are very practical as they come with classic designs.

Another type of gloves that is prized for its timeless unisex appeal are Mitten Gloves and Fingerless Gloves. But while you are paying too much attention to your hands, it is equally important to pay attention to your feet thus you need proper Knitted Socks to keep your feet not only warm but also protected.