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Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patch is a type of embroidery made by using thread and fabric backing. Today, there are many ways to create embroidered patches but the most common commercial way of producing them is by using computerized machines.
Embroidered Patches

More About Patch

Oftentimes, all an outfit needs is an element that will exhibit the personality and individuality of the wearer. Patches do just that, taking an outfit to the next level. Embroidered Patches feature fun, threaded designs, shapes, and colors that show a wide array of certain interests or affiliations. Recently, embroidered patches have become increasingly popular in fashion, stemming from the patch’s ability to uniquely showcase the wearer’s personality and interests. Many times, several Military Patches are seen sported on upcycled, ripped denim jackets and jeans. Patches may be easily sewn onto fabric such as denim jackets, caps, tote bags, and even jeans. Moreover, if one changes their mind and would like to transfer their patch onto another piece of clothing, they can easily remove the patch and re-sew it onto the new article. Don an embroidered patch to make evident a certain interest while also bringing the perfect fun element to an outfit.

Patches are great ways of customizing your clothing. Sew them on your jeans, shirt, jackets, hats, and even stockings to add more personal appeal to your entire look. Here at, we have a huge collection of patches to fit your needs. This is the reason why you can see different designs of embroidered patches from Life Style Patches to Lifestyle Patches. These patches allow you to show your support to your favorite holiday or hobby. Sew them on your clothes, tote bags, or even on your cap thus you can improve the look of your entire clothing items.

The best thing about embroidered patches is that you can remove them from where you sew them so if you want to replace your old holiday patches with Military Patches or Flag Patches, you can easily remove the stitching on the patches and sew the new one. With embroidered patches, you can turn ordinary items into extraordinary. Make sure that you check our site at to find the right embroidered patches in our wide collection to fit your needs.