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Medical, Police & Firefighter Service Patches

Service patches are embroidered patches that depict designs of different public offices in the government. You can use them not only to celebrate our selfless public servants but also add accent to your clothing and costumes.
Medical, Police & Firefighter Service Patches

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February 21 - February 25

More About Service Patch / Sticker

Those who hold governmental public offices play essential roles and jobs. They serve to protect and improve the wellbeing of the people. With Service Patches, it is possible to honor these important workmen and women. Service Patches are embroidered and illustrate the symbols of occupations and causes that serve the people: police, state troopers, firefighters, medical personnel; even the important action of recycling and individuals who serve in situations of emergency are also honored. Able to be sewed onto many different fashion items, these Service Patches give honor to service men and women while also making a bold statement. Honoring people who hold public office positions with Service Patches is an option that is also favorable due to the fact that these workers often don similar patches as part of their uniform; by wearing patches just as they do, it allows for a unique and respectable celebration of these important people of society.

Whether you are looking for patches for the police department or for medical rescue, we have the right one that fits your needs. Use these embroidered patches to make your clothing and accessories unique. These patches are perfect for costumes. But aside from service patches, there are other patches that also serve the same purpose. For instance, Military Patches are not only used to honor our military servicemen but they are also used to make military costumes look convincingly real.

But more than decorating costumes, patches are also used to provide accent to different items. Sew them on caps, jackets, shirts, bags, jeans, or even shoes. In fact, you can never run out of space to sew them in. Other patches that you can try include Outdoor, Sports Patches, Life Style Patches, and Family Patches. They come in different designs so it will be very easy to choose the ones that fit your needs and preferences. The thing is that the right patches can make your look a million bucks so make sure that you choose those that will make a bold statement on your wardrobe.