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Scarves are wide rectangular pieces of cloth that are used for various purposes. They can be used to warm your neck on cold and chilly days or they can be used to provide shade by keeping the harmful rays of the sun at bay or as a fashion statement.

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More About Scarf

Scarves come in many different names such as mufflers and neck wraps, they are simple pieces of fabric that are worn around the neck, head, and basically on other parts of the body. While Scarfs, Shawls are considered as wardrobe staples for a modern-day woman, our ancient forefathers have also enjoyed the benefits of wearing scarves. It was during the ancient Roman civilization when scarves became first popular. However, the function of the first scarves is not to provide warmth but to also keep yourself clean. In fact, scarves are often worn to wipe the sweat from the neck and face. In other culture such as Chinese, scarves are used to identify officers or ranks of soldiers.

Scarves are made from different materials such as silk and wool. The materials used to create shawls should be lightweight so that they are not heavy and you can also provide a good fashion statement to your entire look. Scarves are staple items anyone should have in their wardrobe. During cold days protecting your head and neck is very important. Scarves are great clothing item to warm your necks. They are multipurpose items that you can also use to cover your head and block the sun. You can never have too many scarves! But aside from the functional purpose of scarves, they can also be used as great fashion statements. Wear them as part of your headpiece just like a bandana. If your scarf is longer and wider, you can also fashion a makeshift top with similar with what you can do with Shawls. You can also use them as a belt to accent your pants or even tie around your tote bag to add life to it.

The thing is that scarves are very functional pieces and anyone should have at least Scarf and Shawl Set in their wardrobe. Scarves and Shawls are great fashion pieces that are designed for both men and women so finding the right one should be easy. In fact, anyone should not live with one scarf in their closet thus opting for Scarf Sets is a great way to own these classic pieces.