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Everyone needs good shirts. Whether you are a man, a woman, or an LGBTQ you need to own several sets of T-shirts in your wardrobe. T-shirts are great because you can wear them on different occasions, especially those times when you want to be comfy.
Vests Jackets

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More About Shirt & Jacket

Shirts are clothing garments that are worn for the upper body and not unlike accessories. The earliest record of shirts was discovered in an Egyptian tomb that dates back to 3,000 BC indicating that only important people wore shirts in the ancient world. Fast-forward in the Middle Ages, shirts were worn by men as undergarment so they are made to look plain as they will be covered with frivolous costumes. In many Medieval paintings, only the humble characters like prisoners and shepherds were depicted to wear shirts visible as they do not have any financial means to buy clothes. During the 18th century, shirts are not only worn as undergarments but they are also worn to bed.

Today, the humble shirt undergarment has evolved into one of the most staple clothing item not only for men but also for women. A plethora of shirts are now available including sweatshirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, halter tops, and many others. Who needs shirts? We all do! Shirts are the most important yet most underrated of all types of clothing items in anyone’s wardrobe. You can do away with shirts and you only need to accompany it with other accessories to change its look. Not only can you wear them on casual days but you can also accessorize so that they look fancy on events that need semi-formal attire. Whether you are getting t-shirts or Vests and Jackets, make sure that you choose materials that are durable so that you can use them for a long time.

There are different types and styles of shirts that you need to own. Get shirts that are made from breathable materials so that you don’t feel any discomfort when wearing them. After all, wearing shirts is all about comfort and functionality more than aesthetics. Aside from your ordinary T-Shirts, you also need a few Jackets in your wardrobe. Jackets are great in providing your warmth and protection during cold or rainy days. Choose jackets that are made from waterproof materials so that your clothes underneath will be protected against getting wet.