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Coin Purses

Coin purses are nifty receptacles for your small coins and changes so that you don’t lose them. But aside from keeping your coins, a coin purse is also used to keep small yet important items like keys, receipts and even jewelry. Get one now.
Coin Purses

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More About Coin Purse

The term coin purse comes from the Latin word bursa, which means “ox hide.” The reason for this is that the earliest coin purses came from cow leather. They look like small drawstring accessories that carry coins. Archaeological discoveries showed that the oldest coin purses came from around 3,300 BC. Coin purses were also depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs as money pouches worn around the waist. In the ancient times, not everyone carried Coin Purses. In fact, those who belonged to the affluent families were the only ones able to carry coin purses because they were the ones who had money. In fact, owning coin purses indicated the social status of individuals based on the amount of embroidery and decors of the bag.

It was later during the 15th century when both men and women carried coin purses. Coin purses then were made from expensive fabric embroidered and ornamented with gold. But even the middle class also carried coin purses but they are made from lower quality fabric. Got lose changes lying around the house? Why not organize them by getting coin purses? Designed to keep all your coins organized, coin purses are nifty accessories that you must have. Coin purses are one of the accessories that everyone should have. Visit us at to find the perfect purse for your coins. Just like Wallets, coin purses are made from different materials.

They are made from soft materials like nylon, hemp, and cotton to name a few thus they are collapsible and can be kept anywhere. But unlike wallets that are structured, coin purses are not thus making them very convenient. But because of convenience, make sure that you know where you keep your coin purses as they can be very small that it is easy for you to lose them. Wallets, Purses are two of the most underrated items in your wardrobe. This is the reason why people are not really meticulous when it comes to choosing them. When choosing them, make sure that they do not only complement your style but they are also made from high quality materials so that that they will last for a long time.