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e4Hats.com Blog

  • Veteran’s Day Sale 20% OFF

    Now that Halloween is over, we here at the offices of e4Hats.com turn our attention to a slightly more somber holiday. That’s right folks, it is that time of year when we honor the men and women who have served our country in a martial capacity. November 11th 2019 marks the passing of another Veteran’s Day, and to pay homage to this important calendar date, we are offering big discounts for soldiers and non-soldiers alike. Between 11/1 and 11/8, you can save 20% off of your entire cart when you shop with us during our Veteran’s Day sale.

    This is a great opportunity to scoop up something nice to show the veteran in your life that they remain in your thoughts during this day honoring them. If you are looking for some thoughtful gift ideas, we have a wide selection of hats for all branches of the military, past and present. Let’s stand at attention and run some recon on our wide selection, shall we?

    Veteran’s Day Sale

    Theater of War Hats

    As we’ve mentioned before on Veteran’s Days passed, sometimes a piece of clothing that broadcasts the particular theater in which a person was involved can be a very powerful way of finding other, similar stories. A Gulf War veteran, for instance, might pass by another at the hardware store everyday without knowing it. With these special hats, new friendships and camaraderies can be formed by those who have shared a traumatic or harrowing experience.

    Military Branch Hats

    There is plenty of healthy competition between the many branches of our armed forces. Now you can rep the branch which means the most to you, with a nice new hat or accessory, picked up during our awesome Veteran’s Day Sale.

    Custom Embroidered Hats for Veteran’s Day

    There are so many cool symbols, icons, emblems and imagery associated with this somber holiday, it is impossible for us to carry stock for all of them. Fortunately, custom embroidery is a thing! If you have a special Veteran’s Day symbol you’d like to see stitched, just give us a heads-up. And don’t forget about custom patches either. An air force patch can really spruce up that old gym bag!

    Flag Hats

    Soldiers and flags go hand in hand. After all, one’s country of origin is a great source of pride, veteran or not! For these reasons, we have a huge assortment of flag hats available during our Veteran’s Day Sale. Check them out and rep the homeland in fine style!

    Historical Veteran’s Hats

    During the holiday, it is important not to forget all of the veterans who have come and gone in days long passed. If you want to check out some really retro styles, we have soldier hats from many a by-gone epoch. Check them out today!

    Whether or not you decide to pick up something during our big sale, make sure to give this important holiday the credence and respect it deserves. Thank a soldier for their service! And may you enjoy many a happy Veteran’s day in years to come.

  • Halloween Sale 30% OFF

    It just so happens that the spookiest time of the year is also one of our busiest here at the offices of e4Hats.com. With lads and lassies across the land engaged in a nationwide costume preparation, the opportunities for novel, scary, and downright ridiculous hats and accessories are nearly endless. Just as there are a million and one ways to carve a pumpkin, so too are the possible costume creations limited only by the boundless imagination of trick or treat-ers across the country-- and we are here to help you stir that witch’s brew of an outfit you are concocting!

    During the week leading up to All Hallow’s eve (October 10-26) we are offering one of our most outstanding discounts of the year, just in time for the monster mash! During those dates, our big Halloween Sale kicks off, and you can kiss goodbye to tremendous 30% off of the price of your cart! So break out that candy corn, make sure your kids are planning any mischief, and get ready for one of the best holidays of the year!

    Halloween Hats

    Custom Embroidered Halloween Hats

    There are a million and one weird and wacky styles to choose from come Halloween, but what’s even better is the ability to fully customize to your heart’s content. Just let us know what symbol, motto, image, or icon you are vibing on this All Hallows, and we will make your creation come alive. Just call us the Dr. Frankenstein of hats and accessories!

    Witch and Wizard Hats

    While the popularity of smash-hits like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have been dying down, the love of magic, wizards, and witches is something that lasts far beyond the popular media depicting them. So, if you’ve got a child hoping to round out his or her magical and mythic Halloween costume, look no further than our huge sale! It doesn’t take a “wiz” to appreciate savings like these.

    Detective Hats

    Reckon yourself to be a bit of a sleuth? Why, our hats are elementary! You don’t have to be a wold-class detective to know that 30% off is a fantastic deal. So snoop around our page a bit and unravel the case of what to wear this Halloween.


    Fancy a fake mustache to tie your look together? Or how about a princess tiara to complete the royal boudoir? What about a kooky set of pumpkin suspenders to hold up the bottom half of that gorilla suit? Whatever crazy idea you’ve cooked up, chances are we’ve got just the thing to tie your costume together this year—30% off during the Halloween Sale.

    However you and yours are planning to rock out this Halloween, taking a bit of time to give your costume some thought is never time wasted. If you need some creative help, just give our wide selection a peruse. You’ll wish Halloween came more than once this year!

  • Fall Sale 20% OFF

    Could it really be so? Did we just witness a leaf falling from a tree?! Did the temperature finally drop from its high place on the thermometer? And to top it all off, the kids are back in school. What a great time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen. Let us join hands across America, and collectively give thanks for the coming of a blessed fall. Get those pumpkin spiced lattes ready, and check out a wide world of new fall fashions from your friends here at the internet’s most autumnal hat department.

    To help you get this fall started right, we are happy to announce that the leaves are not the only thing dropping around here. That’s right, we are slashing our prices, and raking up a huge pile of savings for your fall shopping pleasure. Our whopper of a Fall Sale begins 9/14 and runs all the way to 9/20. During this special time, you can shave a ridiculous 20% off of all your purchases, store wide. Yet another thing to get hyped about this autumn! Now let’s see what we have in store, shall we?

    Fall Sale

    Fall Scarves and Accessories

    It won’t be too long now before temperatures start to get a bit chilly, particularly in those northern climes. If you want to get an early start on your cold weather wardrobe this year, our Fall Sale is a golden opportunity to do just that. So head on down and check our mittens, gloves, scarves, you name it—all marked 20% off for a limited time!

    Formal Hats for Fall

    Autumn is a great time for social gatherings. Cooler weather, kids in school, football getting ramped up—what better time to get out on the town and strut your stuff? In order to assist you in your fall flaunting, we are offering a huge selection of fancy, formal hats. From fedoras for the boys out there, to elegant organzas for the ladies. Check out our wide selection, and dress fancy at a fraction of the cost during our Fall Sale!

    Fall themed Baseball Caps

    Fall is a great time for a baseball cap, and we’ve got all the earthy tones to make you fit right in with a golden, autumnal landscape this year. If you’d like to take it a step further, we'll even custom embroider some fall imagery onto a baseball cap for you. Just think of the possibilities!

    Fall Sale Back To School Hats

    Don’t forget about those kiddos; they want to look cool just as much as the rest of us (and perhaps even more so). So, why not head down to our awesome Fall Sale and grab your school-bound cherub something nice without breaking the bank? However you are spending your early fall months, don’t forget that changing seasons is a great time for a bit of reflection. The year is winding down to an end soon, so make the most of these golden autumn days--and make the most of our Fall Sale as well!

  • Patriot Day SALE 20% OFF

    Summer is ending, and for us here at the offices of e4Hats.com, the cool weather, falling leaves, and football season couldn’t come quick enough. Saying goodbye to the dog days of summer, and welcoming in the fall, just couldn’t come soon enough. There is something about this time of year–seeing American flags hanging off of suburban porches; the kids reciting the pledge of allegiance; the national anthem before the game–that stirs patriotic feelings in us, and has us meditating on this great nation of ours, and all the men and women that make it such wonderful and free place to live. If you’re like us you’ll probably remember that Patriot Day is right around the corner. As such, we’d love to salute all of our loyal customers with our annual Patriot Day Sale. From September fourth through ninth, you can save 20% on all purchases. Now that is something to help start your fall off on a great foot.

    Patriot Day Sale

    Custom Embroidered Flag Hats

    There is nothing better than sporting your pride of place right up front and center, for all the world to bear witness. For this Patriot Day Sale, we are proud to offer 20% discounts on all custom embroidered flag caps. If you’ve got a flag that stirs special feelings in you, why not let us stitch it onto a new piece of equipment for you this fall. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and you’ll be repping your home in no time!

    American Flag style Hats

    Sometimes, a simple patch just can’t encompass all of the patriotic fervor we feel. For those times, there are hats, beanies, and accessories that just scream “with liberty and justice for all!” at the top of their lungs. Check out our wide selection of American Flag style hats this Patriot Day, and let the world know what Old Glory is really about.

    Patriot Day Trucker Mesh Caps

    The style of the American logistical specialist (i.e. trucker) is iconic to say the least. Now, you too can capture a style fit for the kings of the open road. During our Patriot Day Sale, all trucker caps and mesh caps are a whopping 20% off good buddy! These breathable, practical little numbers are sure to keep your convoy rolling.

    Patriotic Novelty Hats

    Sometimes, our patriotic feelings may inspire something silly or playful in us. For these, over-the-top moments, we have some novelty hats to help you get into the character. Fancy a role play as Uncle Sam? We want you! To save big during our Patriot Day Sale.

    We hope that those of you who are parents are enjoying a bit of peace and quiet now that the kids are back in school. And for football fans out there: we wish your team the best of luck this season. Whatever you are up to, fellow patriots, enjoy the beauty of the autumn season!

  • Labor Day SALE 20% OFF

    Roll up your sleeves and slip on those work gloves, because now that the kiddies are headed back to school, it is time for everybody’s favorite three day weekend! That’s right: Monday, September 9th is a special day set aside to honor the men and women who built our country with their blood, sweat and tears! Labor day is a celebration of the American workforce, and it also ushers in a whole bunch of fall fashion worth getting hyped about. So, if you are in the mood to put away those beach hats and slip into some new autumn fads, we here at the offices of e4Hats.com are ready to help you out with our humongous Labor day Sale!

    Between the dates of 8/24 and 8/29, you can save a full 20% off of all purchases store-wide! That’s right, shave a fifth off your cart, no questions asked. No coupon codes to enter, simply check out and the discount will be added for you. Now let’s see what new, hip styles Labor Day is bringing us this year, shall we?

    Labor Day Sale

    Formal Hats for Fall

    The coming Autumn is sure to be full of occasion for fancy, formal dress, and those of you who are planners may want to use this opportunity to stock up that wardrobe. We’ve got lovely and opulent organza hats of all shapes and sizes; we’ve got black, elegant hats made of felt; we’ve got a wide menagerie of scarves, gloves, and every kind of urbane accessory imaginable. If you are looking forward to strutting your stuff under the falling leaves, we’ve got just the equipment for you—20% off during a limited time for our site-wide Labor Day Sale!

    Informal Hats for Fall

    Let’s not forget what the holiday is truly about, shall we? After all, this is a celebration of the blue-collar, can-do spirit that has made this place what it is today! So if you are looking to forgo the fancy, and to slip into something a bit more informal, we have totally got you covered there as well! Check out our awesome selection of mesh trucker hats, bucket hats for anglers and fishermen of all stripes, humble baseball caps that get the job done! And while you’re at it, keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket with our whopper of a sale, going on soon!

    Labor Day Celebration Hats

    If you’d rather have something specifically tailored to your holiday demands, our custom embroidery section is more than happy to oblige. We’ve got Labor Day patches that will fit perfectly on any hat, gym bag, or denim sweater. Whatever your style, we can Labor Day-ify it for you!

    This holiday is more than just an early school year reprieve! It pays homage to all those workers who’ve made the world we now enjoy. So make sure you prepare yourself to work hard this year: and be sure to do it in style with e4Hats.com!

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