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e4Hats.com Blog

  • Memorial Day Discount

    It could be said that a culture is largely made up of human memory. The things we choose to cling on to, as Americans and as human beings, say a lot about what we value and treasure. For this reason, Memorial day is of particular importance to us here at the offices of e4hats.com. Monday, May 27th is more than just a three day weekend for many: it is a day we set aside to remember those that died in the service of our great country. So, whether you have a particular someone whose memory you hold dear, or are using the day as a general purpose time to honor those long passed, you will want to make sure to give some time to reflect on the sacrifices of others that have helped shape the life you currently have.

    Although it is a small thing, we are using the holiday to announce yet another steep discount on all our hats and accessories store-wide. That’s right folks, our Memorial Day Sale is here. So, if you are in the mood to use some of your long weekend to stock up on needed supplies (including a new look), we are here to help you save a bundle while doing so. From May 18th to the 22nd, simply fill up your cart and save 20% during our Memorial Day Sale. Let’s check out some ideas for Memorial Day fashion, shall we?

    memorial day

    Trucker’s Caps

    Boy, it sure is getting hot out there these days, and if you have big outdoor plans for Memorial Day weekend, you’ll need a hat that is practical and breathes well. The trucker hat fits both of these requirements quite nicely, and comes in a dizzying array of colors and styles as well. Check out our wide selection!

    Cowboy Hats

    Memorial day is a great day for embracing and celebrating American cultural icons. During our Memorial Day Sale, you can do just that, without breaking the bank. Check out our ten gallon hats every bit as big and bold as the American West itself!

    Memorial day Veteran’s Hats

    Don’t forget those veterans still alive and kicking this Memorial Day. To honor them we have an enormous selection of hats for veterans of every theatre in recent American history. Check them out today and make a thoughtful Memorial Day gift to the soldier in your life!

    Sun Hats

    That May Sun has gotten fairly ridiculous, and those of us with fair skin are starting to have to take pains to avoid serious sun burn when traversing the warming outdoors. For those of you who want to ban the burn, our wide selection of sun hats can help you keep cool and shaded all through what the coming summer has to offer. Check out our wide selection during our Memorial Day Sale and save 20%.

    Whatever big plans you may have for this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to keep the true spirit of the holiday alive, and pay homage to the men and women who’ve lain down their lives for all of us.

  • Mother's Day SALE 2019

    So how was your Mother's Day last week? Did you get your mother something nice?

    Ha! We got you, didn’t we? No worries, there is still time to grab a present for Mommy Dearest. After all, Mom is a super special lady. While we go about our day to day lives, we sometimes take for granted the grand woman who bore us (kicking and screaming, most likely) into this world. More than anything else, May 12th is a day meant to remind Mom of how much she means to us. If you are lucky enough to have a special matriarch in your life in 2019, you’ve got to make sure and honor her for Mother's Day. In order to help you make the most of the important occasion, your friends here at e4Hats.com are holding a big Mother's Day Sale. That’s right girls and boys, between 5/4 and 5/8 you can shave a whopping 20% off of your cart as you pick out a nice gift for mum. That’s enough savings to make Mama proud! Let’s take a look at some of the choices on offer, shall we?

    mother's day

    Sun Hats

    As women age, they tend to pay more and more attention to their skin. Escaping from the sun’s harmful rays becomes a serious matter, so you may give some thought to helping Mom get some relief from that UV radiation that is back in full force now that spring has arrived. Check out our wide selection of floppy brimmed sun hats today and ban the burn for Mom!

    Organza Hats

    Mom has plenty of reasons to want to look her best, and spring and early summer are just full of formal occasions. So why not check out our amazing selection of organza hats during the Mother's Day Sale? Each one is designed to be as beautiful and unique as your own mother, and there are simply a dizzying array of designs, colors, styles, shapes and arrangements to choose from.

    Mother's Day Accessories

    Don’t forget that e4Hats.com specializes in accessories for Mother's Day as well. Looking for some silk gloves to help mom tie together her classy look? A scarf for those chilly gusts? A pair of earmuffs? Have no fear! We have got anything and everything you could dream up, now steeply discounted for our big, blowout Mother's Day Sale!

    World’s Best Mom

    Sometimes we just have to let Mom know that she is the best there is! At least in the hearts and minds of her sons and daughters, Mom is the top, the ace, the superlative matriarch to which all other matriarchs should aspire to. In order to let her know this (or any other sweet, personalized message) our hat embroidery team is working round the clock to get you the message you want, just in time for the Mother's Day Sale.

    Make sure to take the time to thank the special lady in your life for all she has done for you. And make sure to have a happy Mother's Day!

  • Good Friday Custom Embroidered Caps

    Good Friday is nearly upon us. The austere season of Lent is relenting (get it?) at long last, allowing us space to breath and eat some chocolate bunnies. Whether or not you are a practicing Catholic who is just looking forward to meat on Fridays, there is definitely something universal about this spring celebration of fertility and rejuvenation. We here at e4hats.com just think that bunnies are super cute, so whether you are on the trail of a chocolate sugar high, or Peter Cottontail himself, you should really do yourself a service and take a look at our Good Friday Custom embroidered caps.

    We’ve got everything you need to customize your Easter weekend to your heart’s content, making the unique experience tailored to your particular sensibilities. If you’d like to “have it your way”, check out what we are dropping in your basket this year, and celebrate all things springtime with your vernal friends here at e4hats.com.

    Custom Embroidered Caps

    Bunny Custom Embroidered Caps

    The rabbit, for some strange reason, is the symbol for all things Easter. Has a cuter symbol ever been concocted? Don’t tell Santa, but we think not. We could speculate on the tenuous connection between spring, fertility, and the humble hare, but it is more fun to simply fire up the custom embroidering machines and go a little crazy with some hippity hoppity designs. Check out our custom embroidered rabbit hats today and get a little spring in your step!

    Custom Embroidered Easter Message Hats

    Whatever message you are hoping to spread this Easter, it certain gets a lot easier with the ability to stitch sayings, phrases, and mottos onto the front of your hat. If you are up to a bit of bunny business this spring, let us help you out by putting your words out there for the whole world to see!

    Easter Crosses

    Let us not forget, in our gorging of chocolate and the hunt for dyed eggs, that Good Friday has some deeply religious roots. The core of the day is about a connection to a higher power. For those of you who enjoy the Christian significance of the holiday, we here at e4hats.com have a custom embroidered Good Friday hat that is very special indeed. Check out our cross has and broadcast your values for all to see and appreciate!

    Easter Egg Hats

    For those of you who like the whole “fertility” angle of Good Friday the best (or just really, really like colored eggs), we have a design that is perfectly suited to your Easter weekend. Coming in an assortment of styles and colors every bit as varied as the eggs themselves, these custom embroidered caps will have you hunting for your favorite for hours. Click now to search through our wide and unique collection.

    However you celebrate Easter, make sure to take the long weekend to get some quality time with friends and family. This beautiful season is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses, and customize to your heart’s content with a nice new item from e4hats.com

  • Happy Easter Sale

    The world is growing more verdant and alive every day here in the northern hemisphere, and that can only mean that spring is fully upon us. What a great time of year to be alive! For those of you still facing snow drifts, you have our sympathy. But even in those cold climates, you can still hear Peter Cottontail making his way across the landscape, preparing to drop eggs and chocolate in Easter baskets across America.

    That’s right folks, the season of sugar highs and dyed eggs is upon us, and to celebrate this wonderful moment of rejuvenation and regrowth, we here at e4Hats.com are announcing an awesome Easter Sale. From the 13th through the 17th this month we are slashing prices across the board. Just fill up your cart during that time and save 20% on all purchases. Now that’s enough to buy a lot of eggs and dye! Let’s check out what we have for you during our Easter Sale, shall we?

    Happy Easter

    Easter Colors

    Our Easter sale is all about pastel colors. Light blues, pinks, greens, and all the rest! These shades look great atop your fresh new Easter outfit- whether that be your Sunday best or simply a pair of overalls for frolicking out in the budding fields!

    Organza Hats

    Spring is full of flowery formal occasions, and there was never a hat so perfectly suited to this aesthetic as the lovely organza hat. Made to look delicate, floral, and enticing, these little numbers pack a serious punch (minus the pollen, thankfully!). They come in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, and one can easily get lost in browsing our many options for hours on end!

    Sun Hats

    That spring sun is no joke, and if you are planning on getting outdoors a bit in this glorious season, you’ll want to make sure that your wintry skin has a bit of shade. After all, a bad sunburn is no joke. Thankfully, our Easter Sale is here to save the day.

    Kids Novelty Hats

    Spring is a great time to have little ones. You get to watch them grow like weeds, enjoy the outdoors, and just be cute in general. Why not up the ante on that cuteness with a novelty hat for your little girl or boy. We have a huge assortment, now all steeply discounted for the Easter Hat sale. See what’s popping up today, and get those young ones dressed up for spring.

    However you decide to celebrate Easter, the general ambiance and joy of spring cannot be overstated. If you don’t mind the pollen, this is definitely one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Golden sunshine, blue skies, and resplendent flowers will greet you when you step out during these blustery April months. So, make sure you are prepared to meet the elements (and onlookers) by picking up something stylish and practical during our Easter Sale. You won’t regret it! Have a great Easter and don’t eat too much chocolate!

  • Coachella Festival SALE

    The Coachella Music Festival is on its way, and doors for this awesome event open April 12th. A bastion of great music, food, art and fun, we here at the offices of e4hats.com are super excited for this once a year blowout of creativity and style. Whether you have your tickets in hand or can only dream of heading west for the occasion, we want to celebrate the event with a Coachella hat sale! That’s right, to honor all the fun, we are offering Coachella fans a discount on their entire cart this week. Just shop to your heart’s content, and check out to save a whopping thirty percent! Speaking of “checking out”. let’s check out the lineup on stage one, shall we?

    Coachella Hat

    Sun Hats for Coachella

    That California sun doens’t mess around, and if you are planning on attending Coachella 2019, you’ll want to make sure and prepare with one of our many UV blocking hat options. After all, protecting your sensitive skin is serious business! May we recommend something light like a hemp outback hat, wide brim floppy sun hats, or a visor or some kind? Trust us when we say that getting sunburned your first day at the festival will not make for a fun time!

    Novelty Hats

    When it comes to music festivals, people can get a little weird and wacky. Of course, that is a large part of the fun: expressing yourself and your own unique personal style. In furtherance of this, we here at the Internet's most groovy hat depot are giving a 20% discount on all of our awesome novelty hats. Check them out today and turn a few heads during the festival. This is a great way to spark conversations and make a few friends.

    Baseball Caps

    If you are a different kind of person-- the type who wants nothing more than to blend in with the crowd, there are certainly options for you as well. Enter the humble baseball cap. This classic American headpiece is perfect for sunny days jamming out under a blue, western sky. And, what’s more, they are super customizable! We offer a service to custom embroiderer baseball casps with unique slogans, symbols, and icons. So, if you are looking for something practical, but with just a small touch of your own unique flair, this might be the perfect choice for you.

    Costume accessories

    If you are looking to go one step further, and plan on appearing at the festival in a full on costume, you are sure to make a lot of friends really quick. For those brave souls, we have a bevy of awesome costume accessories to make your cosplay really pop. Check out our wide selection and you just may wind up the talk of Coachella this year.

    We hope you get a chance to attend this magical festival-- if not this year, than at some point in your life. It is truly a great event, and a time when people are really free to express themselves without the usual inhibitions of society. Enjoy your Coachella 2019!

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