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  • Winter Sale 2020

    Welcome to a brand-new decade! It feels like forever since the last blog, but we here at have been busily preparing for a big year in 2020. Although we must all buy new calendars, the seasons have yet to really change. If you are anything like us you are getting a bit tired of all of this chilly weather. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing to warm you up: A red hot sale! That’s right, bundle up with a cup of hot chocolate and be warmed at the hearth of savings! Our Winter Sale is firing up from the 11th of January through the 17th. During this special limited time offer, you can save a whopping 20% off of your entire cart. Let’s start this new decade off the right way and take a look at what we’re offering, shall we?

    Winter Sale

    Beanies for Winter

    There is nothing quite so comfy as a warm and good-looking beanie to grace your noggin. Whatever your style, we’re sure to carry it, and our selection is as filled with opportunity and choice as the new year itself. So head on over and pick out some insulation for your crown!

    Scarves and Accessories

    Don’t be fooled—while we are one of the biggest hat stores around, the great savings do not stop there! We’ve also branched out to other winter accessories over the years, and have come to stock quite the collection. If you are in the market for some scarves, gloves, earmuffs – what have you – we’ve got you covered six ways to Sunday! Check out the collection today and pick out that last little detail to make your outfit perfect.

    Winter Sale Hats for 2020

    The new decade is certain to be a big time for formal events off all kinds, so why not get it started off right with the elegant or debonair gear you need? Whatever your fancy occasion, it pays to show up dressed to the nines. During our big winter sale, you can look like a million bucks while only spending the bare minimum!

    Hats for the Kids

    Let’s not forget those young ones, shall we? The decade is sure to be a formative one for them, no doubt. Help them get their confidence up by looking their best in 2020. No need to skimp, not during our wonderful Winter Sale. Just fill up your cart with hats for the kiddos and save a whopping twenty percent while doing so. They are sure to thank you for your kindness!

    Whatever stylistic direction you decide to take things in 2020, just know that your friends here at the decade’s favorite hat and accessory store will be along for the ride. Here is too a happy, healthy, and fashionable 2020! What will the iconic style of the period be? It’s up to you! During our big winter sale, you can forge a new look that will be sure to stand the test of time.

  • After Christmas Sale 2019

    Christmas will be here directly, and if you are anything like us, the preparations have long since consumed your life. Of course there is the cooking, the last minute present shopping, in-laws to manage, a house full of kids–Christmas “vacation” isn’t always much of a vacation, is it? That’s why, at least for us here at the offices of, our favorite part of Christmas is often the few days between the holiday itself and New Year’s Eve. The time is just short enough that no one expects you to work too hard, but just long enough to really kick your feet up, you know?

    With that in mind, behold the awesome power of our After Christmas Sale. Just in case you were hoping to fill those leisurely days with a bit of electronic shopping, we’ve got you well covered. During the dates of 24th-30th this December, you can save 30% on all hats and accessories store wide. The savings just don’t stop here! Let’s take a look at what’s going on sale, shall we?

    After Christmas Sales

    Formal Hats

    Have you heard that there is a whole new decade approaching? What better time to get a whole new fancy wardrobe for all of those formal events in your life. The 2020s are sure to have their own unique style and aesthetic, so why not be a trendsetter yourself. Check out our wide selection of looks and pick yourself out something nice today!

    Hunting Hats

    A hunting hat is about as warm as you can get. So if you find yourself living in a frosty, northern climate, this might be just the thing to keep the cold from weaseling its way in to stay! These hats, iconic of high latitude, make a great pickup if the temps are dropping in your neck of the woods.

    Christmas & New Years Hats

    Got big party plans for Christmas & New Year’s? Whether you are standing for hours in Time’s Square, or simply having a glass of wine at your neighborhood block party, a new decade doesn’t come very often. So, it is definitely time to celebrate by saying hello to the 2020s with a festive or fun New Year's hat from our wide selection. We can custom embroider anything you like, just let us know.

    Hats for Kids

    Those kiddos might be satisfied with all the toys and gifts that Santa brought on his sliegh this year, but as a parent you know that the more practical items are just as important. Our After Christmas Sale is a nice time to pick up something that the kids can use all through the coming year.

    We hope you are as excited as we are about the coming year, and that your holidays lived up to your expectations. It has been a fantastic 2019 for us here at, and we want to sincerely thank you for making it happen. Here is to an even better 2020!

  • Green Monday Sale 20% OFF

    How was your Black Friday? Whether you stormed the retail department at your local big box store, or simply clicked a few links during Cyber Monday, we’d wager that your hunger for big savings hasn’t yet been satiated. After all, Christmas is just right around the corner. If you are like us, you still have a big Christmas shopping list to make happen. For those of you in a similar boat, there exists another colorful day full of discounts. Green Monday falls on December 9th this year, a mere two weeks before Santa takes his annual jaunt, and it represents a fantastic day for Christmas shopping.

    To honor this verdant day of thrift, we are offering a quarter off of your shopping cart between 12/7 and 12/10. That’s two whole days to get 20% off of everything store-wide! So boil some mulled wine, lean back in your favorite lazy-boy, and kick off your shoes–because we are about to make it rain hats and accessories!

    Green Monday

    Green Monday Beanies

    It is getting a bit nippy these days, isn’t it? If you are currently experiencing a shiver in your timbers, perhaps Green Monday is the perfect day to stock up on stylish gear for the deep freeze that is yet to come. We’ve got a plethora of beanies featuring just about every style, color, material and design that you could imagine–all as diverse and unique as the falling snowflakes themselves.

    Christmas Party Hats

    Christmas is so close that you can almost hear St. Nick shouting last minute orders at his elves. Before he makes his big ride, bringing presents to little boys and girls (and office parties to all the workers out there), make sure you use our Green Monday Sale to pick up a little extra cheer for the holiday season.

    Camouflage Hats

    For some of us, late fall and early winter means deer stands and duck blinds. For all you country boys and girls out there, we are hosting a cool selection of camo gear for the hunting season. They are yours at a steep discount, if you can spot them, that is!

    Winter Accessories

    Let us not forget about all of those other fashionable accessories that go along with any winter wardrobe worth it’s weight. Gloves, scarves, ear muffs–they all play an important role in keeping you toasty all through the harshest that winter has to throw at you. While the weather outside might be white, in here it is all green, baby! Green Monday is here and savings are big on all accessories.

    So, have you got everything you need for the big day ahead? We hope your Christmas is filled with lovely gifts, warm familiar relations, and a whole lot of cocoa, mulled wine, egg nog, or whatever it is you prefer for a yule-tide tipple. Lastly, all of us here at want to thank you for another wonderful year in business. 2020 is going to be great!

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 30% OFF

    It is during this time of year when our society gives thanks for many things. And while friends, family, health and happiness are among the most important, we as a people also reserve this time to give thanks for massive, unprecedented savings as well! For those of us able to wake up from our turkey induced comas, Black Friday represents an amazing opportunity for retail savings. Its cousin, Cyber Monday, comes not far behind, representing a great time to save big on all those e-items you’ve had your eye on throughout the year.

    We here at pride ourselves on being an affordable place to shop all year round, but this year we are holding a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale of our own. Between the dates of 11-27 through 12/2, you can save a whopping 30% off of your entire cart. That’s right folks! 30% off of all items in your cart. Have we lost our minds? No, it’s just that time of year! So let’s jump in and get a bit more specific about these awesome offerings, shall we?

    Black Friday

    Cold Weather Hats

    How is the weather in your neck of the woods these days? No doubt it will be turning cold in a little while (if it isn’t already), and it will be high time for you to have a ready supply of warm, insulating hats and accessories. Why wait until the last minute and pay full price? Instead, get ready now during our amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! Your wardrobe will be stuffed full of cozy options by the time the Jack Frost truly arrives.

    Black Friday Gift Ideas

    What better time to pick up gifts than this pre-Christmas savings extravaganza? We’ve got all sorts of thoughtful items to help you spread holiday cheer, now steeply discounted! So give our selection a peruse-and get your stockings stuffed for 30% less this year!

    Formal Hats

    This winter is sure to be packed to the brim with opportunities for fancy dress. Weddings, galas, art shows–whatever awesome stuff you have going on in your life, make sure your hat is top notch! Fedoras, organza, flat caps and more, all in our awesome store.

    Hats for Kids

    Let’s not leave those little cherubs out of the Black Friday action. We’ve got a menagerie of exciting and stylish hats and accessories, all in kid’s sizes. So grab something for the little ones while supplies last. They’ll be glad you did!

    How are you getting ready for the holiday season? We can’t wait to take some much needed rest. Sitting with the family, a roaring fire in the fireplace, sipping cider and talking of old times. Ah, now that sounds like just the thing! We hope you are looking forward to these days of respite as much as we are. But before you settle in, make sure to check out our huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and save big!

  • Veteran’s Day Sale 20% OFF

    Now that Halloween is over, we here at the offices of turn our attention to a slightly more somber holiday. That’s right folks, it is that time of year when we honor the men and women who have served our country in a martial capacity. November 11th 2019 marks the passing of another Veteran’s Day, and to pay homage to this important calendar date, we are offering big discounts for soldiers and non-soldiers alike. Between 11/1 and 11/8, you can save 20% off of your entire cart when you shop with us during our Veteran’s Day sale.

    This is a great opportunity to scoop up something nice to show the veteran in your life that they remain in your thoughts during this day honoring them. If you are looking for some thoughtful gift ideas, we have a wide selection of hats for all branches of the military, past and present. Let’s stand at attention and run some recon on our wide selection, shall we?

    Veteran’s Day Sale

    Theater of War Hats

    As we’ve mentioned before on Veteran’s Days passed, sometimes a piece of clothing that broadcasts the particular theater in which a person was involved can be a very powerful way of finding other, similar stories. A Gulf War veteran, for instance, might pass by another at the hardware store everyday without knowing it. With these special hats, new friendships and camaraderies can be formed by those who have shared a traumatic or harrowing experience.

    Military Branch Hats

    There is plenty of healthy competition between the many branches of our armed forces. Now you can rep the branch which means the most to you, with a nice new hat or accessory, picked up during our awesome Veteran’s Day Sale.

    Custom Embroidered Hats for Veteran’s Day

    There are so many cool symbols, icons, emblems and imagery associated with this somber holiday, it is impossible for us to carry stock for all of them. Fortunately, custom embroidery is a thing! If you have a special Veteran’s Day symbol you’d like to see stitched, just give us a heads-up. And don’t forget about custom patches either. An air force patch can really spruce up that old gym bag!

    Flag Hats

    Soldiers and flags go hand in hand. After all, one’s country of origin is a great source of pride, veteran or not! For these reasons, we have a huge assortment of flag hats available during our Veteran’s Day Sale. Check them out and rep the homeland in fine style!

    Historical Veteran’s Hats

    During the holiday, it is important not to forget all of the veterans who have come and gone in days long passed. If you want to check out some really retro styles, we have soldier hats from many a by-gone epoch. Check them out today!

    Whether or not you decide to pick up something during our big sale, make sure to give this important holiday the credence and respect it deserves. Thank a soldier for their service! And may you enjoy many a happy Veteran’s day in years to come.

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