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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • A World of Color: Sun Hat

    So many people are satisfied living in a mundane, black and white world.

    pn001fw1A World of Color

    Life offers so many wonderful vibrant colors, especially during springtime. A black and white world is not a world that we want to live in. This week we introduce you to our new world, a world of color. Whether you are looking for a bright yellow, or a vibrant red sun hat, there is a fantastic piece of head wear waiting for you. There is no better way to express your personal fashion sense than with lively colors. The spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. The flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing the sweet songs of the spring. Be sure to check out our wide selection of warm weather dressy hats including wide brim visors, and fashionable cloche and Sinamay sun hats. Welcome to our world of color. The country has experienced one of the most intense winters in recent history. We are happy to finally start to see the sun’s smiling face.






    newsboy 3bf001cw-1_1sinamay 3_1312457424_4ro001cf-red-1

    Classic Yet Modern

    Modern, now that is a word that is thrown around a lot these days. But what exactly does the term “modern” mean. If you ask five people to define the term “modern” you might get five different definitions. We feel like the best modern styles take the past into account offering classic yet modern offerings. There have been several classic, quintessential hat styles of the last century. Hats like the cowboy hat, bucket hat, baseball cap, and visor have all grown and evolved over the years. These new crop of hats take into account the hat’s long and storied history and have been tweaked to fit the modern era. Throughout the years the styles, colors, materials, and uses have changed but the original styling remains. Check out the classic yet modern styles that are available today. We have our finger on the pulse of the hat and cap industry so you can be comfortable knowing that you will find the modern styles that everyone is looking for. Properly equip yourself for spring with an eye catching head turning spring hat. Modern styles do not have to come at a high price. The past and present come together to unique and modern styles that continue to push the style envelope even further.



    Spring Comes Alive

    Bye-bye winter blues, hello springtime sun. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. The flowers, trees, and plants come alive. Gone are the clouds, snow, and rain and in its place we welcome the sun’s much needed warmth. Stay protected from the sun with wonderful sun hat. There are so many great hats out there just waiting for their time in the sun. However, there is one hat that most forget about during spring time and that is a baseball cap. A baseball cap is a great casual way to stay protected from the sun. Check out the hundreds of great ball caps we have available. We have fantastic spring head wear for men, women, as well as children. Springtime is our favorite time of the year to enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoy the natural beauty of the world around you. Find the perfect sun kissed hat for you and your family.

  • Birth of a Hat: Ivy Cap and Ascot

    The ivy cap has had quite an interesting history. cabbie capOrigins:

    The hat style was born all the way back in the 14th century in North England and some parts of Southern Italy. The ivy cap itself is a rounded men’s hat with a small stiff brim in the front. The caps were soon worn in the 19th century by immigrants coming from Scotland and other parts of Europe, usually by people of the working class. The hats were worn almost exclusively by men throughout Britain and Ireland. Around the start of the 20th century the ivy hat began to be worn as part of the upper class school uniform. More ornate and high quality designs began to become available for the upper class English men. These fancier ivy cap styles began to be known as golf caps. Ivy and ascot caps are made primarily of tweed, leather, or cotton and some even have air vents on them. An ascot hat is similar to any ivy cap but is distinguished by its hardness and its round shape. Both the ivy and ascot styles feature a unique elegant style that ivy and ascot enthusiasts love. These hats were versatile because members of the working class loved these hats and the higher-end style caps were loved by the upper class as well.



    apple 1ivy capcabbie cap8 quarter 1apple 2


    These hats are readily available in many new designs and styles but the classic form remains. Whether you loved the simpler original designs, or are looking for the older brother of the ivy and ascot hat, the “golf cap” the hat offers and fashionable and sharp style that so many people still love today. You can even find poly woven, side adjustable, herringbone, felt, and plaid styles here on The ivy and ascot cap is one of the most iconic hat types in all of the hat world. Images of the 1920's and 30's would be nothing without these time tested hats. Nowadays you can find so many patterns, materials, and fits the ivy and ascot hats have surely evolved.




    Eternal_clockThe Future:

    These hats remain popular even today especially in select areas of Europe and North America. The ivy and ascot hat styles continue to grow in popularity as the days go on. The hat, at first typically associated more with older men has recently become more popular with more of the youth of America. Hollywood and many musicians have adopted the ivy cap style into their wardrobe. Recent hip hop artists have even started wearing ivy caps. With this recent injection of youth this hat style is sure to continue to grow far into the future. The ivy and ascot hat has grown and evolved over its lifetime and is committed to offering you the best, and most recently styles of ivy and ascot available today. Click the link below to browse of selection of ivy and ascot caps.




    Show Your Hat Some Love:

    You should take great care when it comes to washing your ivy, ascot or other flat cap. First you should read the label and see what the material or individual hat washing instructions are. When it comes to these delicate hat types hand washing is almost always preferred over a machine. Use a cotton swab and some liquid dish soap to remove stubborn stains. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess soap particles. If you have a lint roller use that to remove any lint particles or you can even just use a piece of tape. If you hat is leather use a soft cotton cloth for cleaning. When you are cleaning your hat, be sure to rub gently in circular motions. Vigorous rubbing can permanently break down the fabric fibers of the hat. If you must machine wash your hat, be sure to do it in the dishwasher and not your typical washing machine. Air-dry your hat after washing by pulling it over a hat shape holder and setting it on a flat surface out of direct sunlight.


    Here are some additional common hat care tips:

    • Every hat will develop its own personality and style with time. Small marks on the hat are all part of the hats life cycle and only add to its authenticity.
    • All hats can be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary
    • Some hats might shrink if they are exposed to high heat, or left out exposed to sunlight
    • A stiff brim allows your hat to be shape the way that you would like, but some hats feature a flexible brim that allows the hat to be crushed.
    • If you do not have a hat form place the hat on a bowl while it dries to keep its form.
    • The dishwasher is another viable option for washing a hat but can sometimes fade the colors of the hat,
    • Dry cleaning is also a cheap and effective way to keep your hat clean
    • If you are completely lost about hat care check the tag to find washing instructions


  • The Birth of a Hat: Trucker Hat

    The trucker hat is still a relative newcomer in the world of hats.

    trucket hat


    A trucker cap, at first designed for farmers, truck drivers, and other rural workers would evolve into much more.  The back mesh allowed the worker’s heads to breathe in the hot weather and kept them cool. The hat, at first was called a “feed” cap. They were used for promotional giveaways. The original styles of these caps had company logos that were either printed or featured a sewn on patch. Companies such as John Deere or other local stores used these hats for promotional purposes. The trucker hat, very similar to a baseball cap really gained ground in the year 2000. The hat style struck a chord with the youth of America. The hat grew in popularity with the rise of skateboarding and the skateboarding culture. The youth of America with the help of many Hollywood celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Pharell Williams and Justin Timberlake brought trucker hats to new heights of popularity. Many other celebrities have donned the trucker hat throughout its history.





    Trucker hats today are available in so many unique colors and styles. Trucker hats may have started as an early promotional item, but now they feature every design, logo, or message that you can think of. The traditional mesh style stays the same but the styles can change. These hats were popularized early on by the youth and their popularity has continued to grow into 2013. The trucker hat is the most versatile and comfortable hat style available today.

    mesh trucker 1mesh ball cap_1237393839_6_4_2





    Eternal_clockThe Future:  The trucker hat is still a fairly new hat style. It would not hit its original target the way that it was initially intended but the youth and Hollywood has turned the trucker hat into one of the most popular hat types in the world. Its versatile styling and ability to be printed on has made it a popular hat choice for advertisers, businesses, and the youth of America. With so many styles, colors and designs to choose from the trucker hat will only continue to grow in popularity and be a mainstay here at Many people believe that the trucker hat is just a fad and will be gone as quickly as it came but we  personally see the trucker hat sticking around for a long time to come.






    heart-of-heartsShow Your Hat Some Love:

    Caring for your trucker hat is very similar in the way that you would take care of any other baseball hat. Trucker hats are more fragile than other baseball hats and are best washed by hand in your sink with soap and warm water. Towel-dry your hat and stuff the interior of the hat with other towels or something that helps the hat keep its shape. Buying a plastic hat mold can allow you to wash your hat in the dishwasher and helps your hat keep its shape. Simply let your trucker hat air dry for the best results.







    Here are some additional common hat care tips:
    •    Every hat will develop its own personality and style with time. Small marks on the hat are all part of the hats life cycle and only add to its authenticity.
    •    All hats can be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary
    •    Some hats might shrink if they are exposed to high heat, or left out exposed to sunlight
    •    A stiff brim allows your hat to be shape the way that you would like, but some hats feature a flexible brim that allows the hat to be crushed.
    •    If you do not have a hat form place the hat on a bowl while it dries to keep its form.
    •    The dishwasher is another viable option for washing a hat but can sometimes fade the colors of the hat,
    •    Dry cleaning is also a cheap and effective way to keep your hat clean
    •    If you are completely lost about trucker hat care check the tag to find washing instructions

  • Your New Favorite Hat: The Fedora Hat

    The most comfortable hat in the world.

    Gangster mugshot 1920sI don’t always wear hats, but when I do, I wear a fedora hat. If you have never experienced the joy that a fedora brings, do yourself a favor and give one a try. A fedora is a versatile hat that can be worn casually but can also be added to your dressier wardrobe. The fedora hat is making comeback in a big way in the world of modern fashion. This style is popular now more than ever. Celebrities like Bruno Mars have brought the fedora hat back into the public eye. Boasting a naturally upturned brim and a hat band around the crown of the hat, it offers you the vintage yet modern look that fedora wearers love.

    There are not too many hats out there that have such a long and storied history than the fedora. The hat early on became synonymous with the image of a 1930’s gangster. While the gangsters did a great deal to influence the public image of the fedora they were not its inventor. That distinction belongs to Sarah Bernhardt. She was the star of an aptly named play entitled “Fedora” in which she wore the hat in 1889. Bernhardt’s popularity helped make the fedora hat and integral part of the female wardrobe during the 19th century all the way up to today. The fedora’s flexible nature the allowed it to be shaped and dented to the wearer’s liking helped symbolized the wearer’s aversion to the conformity of society. A fedora is one of many styles of hats that are enjoyed by both men and women in any season.






    Mug Shots 1920sThe number one aspect of a hat that dictates how comfortable a hat is going to be is the material. Fedora hats are found in a wide variety of materials including acrylic, cotton, nylon, linen, polyester, straw, wool and more. Certain people are adversely affected by certain materials so be sure to check your allergies before choosing a hat type. Each material offers the wearer a different style and comfort level. If you were on the fence about being a hat person, a fedora might just push you over the edge. The materials, the styles, and the form and function truly make the fedora hat, the most comfortable hat in the world.

    fedora 1fedora hatfedora 3









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