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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Summer Hats in Variety of Styles for All

    Summer is here in all its glory, and all places in the northern hemisphere are experiencing chart topping temperatures. If you are lucky enough to be enjoying this balmy outdoor weather, you have probably noticed a big change in the trendy fashion this season. We here at e4Hats.com are constantly keeping up to date on what is “in”, and this summer season brings all kinds of stylish casual wear into vogue. If you are in the market for a new summer hat, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Let us help you pick out something to match the long days. Check out our summer hats selection for scorching deals.

    Summer Hats

    Best Summer Hat – Bucket

    Going fishing this year? Why not complete your sportsmanly outfit with the quintessential summer hat from e4Hats.com? The bucket hat might be considered straight out of central casting when it comes to anglers. While the fly hooks are optional, this rugged piece is perfect for a day out on a hot lake. Make sure to bring the bug spray as well.

    Western Style Summer Hats

    Can you hear the tumbleweed rolling past? Fancy a bit of sarsaparilla this summer? Or maybe a super soaker shootout at the OK corral? Whatever your western trope, make sure to top it all off with an awesome summer hat, western style. We’ve got ten-gallons and Mexican sombreros galore, so why not explore the frontier with a wagon ride through our trailblazing western hat selection. We’ll be your huckleberry this summer!

    Summer Visor Hats

    Summer is hot, and the awesome UV rays are enough to turn the fair skinned among us into turnips. If you are down for a bit of protection, you’d do well to give our visor selection a bit of a looksee. Your skin is sure to thank you for the added protection, and we have styles and colors to fit all tastes.

    Ball Caps

    There is nothing that speaks of an all-American summer louder than the classic baseball cap. Whether you support a particular baseball team, or just like the tight and stylish feel of a summer hat of this type, you’ll find something to love in our ball cap collection – one of the largest on the internet. Come on down and select new summer hats while supplies last!

    Whatever you decide to do this summer, make sure you keep cool and stylish throughout all the hot weather. Whether you are planning a trip to the beach, a nice barbeque, or just a bit of lounging in the hammock, we’ve got summer hats that is sure to make your plans more enjoyable, while keeping you fashionable and hip all the way into the coming fall. Football games and school days will be here before you know it, so take a bit of time to seize the day (and summer hats) as the lengthy days wear on. We’ve got you covered in every conceivable way at the internet’s hottest hat department. Slide on down to e4Hats.com and see what all the fuss is about.

  • 4th of July Patriotic Hats

    Summer brings with it a bevy of holiday weekends, and one of our absolute favorite occasions is just around the bend. We here at e4Hats.com have been stocking up on bottle rockets, icing down the beer, and of course, rolling out an awesome selection of patriotic hats and accessories just in time for a Fourth of July jamboree. We are slashing prices as much as 20% for our grand old, red white and blue Fourth of July sale. That’s right, starting the 23rd of June and lasting for a week you can get a 20% discount on all purchases. God bless America, right? Let’s check out what we’ve got in store for our nation’s birthday, shall we?

    Patriotic Hats

    Custom Embroidered USA Patriotic Hats

    If there is one thing our patriotic hats do best, it is to showcase the pride of place that many American’s feels around this time of year. We come from a special country, and there is no shame in showing it off every once and a while. Now you can do just that with a custom embroidered USA hat from the internet’s most red-blooded hat department – e4Hats.com.

    Jeep Style Rhinestone USA Hats

    The national character of America is often said to be bold, brash, and in your face. Well, now there is a fashion statement that is all that and more! Check out our sequined patriotic hat, bejeweled in the likeness of old glory. You’ll be a hit at the barbeque for sure this year, just make sure to bring plenty of beer and watermelon to assuage your friends and family, who are sure to be green with envy over your rhinestone hat.

    Military Style Patriotic Caps

    While the Fourth might be an opportunity for a bit of barbeque and ball-tossing, let us not forget that it is also a somber occasion that deserves reflection and the giving of thanks. For two hundred and fifty or so years, men have been fighting and dying to preserve this thing we call America, and we wouldn’t be marking such an advanced birthday if it wasn’t for their blood and sacrifice. Now you can get a patriotic hat to honor their service by checking out the amazing military cap selection from e4Hats.com!

    Patriotic Visor Caps

    The Fourth of July falls on a particularly balmy and (with any luck) sunshiny part of the year. As the Earth orbits the sun at its very closest, those UV rays are rising to the peak of their danger and power. With that in mind, why not keep yourself shaded throughout all of your outdoor plans this Fourth of July. We here at e4Hats.com have patriotic hats that will keep you stylish and cool as you unwind over the long weekend. Check out our large visor selection while the sale is still on!

    However you decide to spend your time on our nation’s birthday, make sure you make the most of it. A few good friends and a hotdog or two can go a long way, particularly when you are decked out in a patriotic hat from your friends and compatriots here at e4Hats.com!

  • Vacation Hat Guide for Summer

    School is out for summer, and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time for a bit of fun in the sun, a moment to stop and smell the roses, a grand interlude. However you say it, it’s time for vacation! We here at e4Hats.com have been letting our hair down and cutting loose from the ordinary. Because it’s summertime and the living is easy! Grab a ticket to some far away destination, pop an ice cold beverage, and join us as we parade out an awesome selection of vacation hat just in time for your getaway. From the practical to the exotic, we’ve got all the hats and accessories that you need to make sure your trip is a success. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got in store for you as you set sail for summer adventure.

    vacation hat

    Roll up visor

    First on the agenda, we have something for those long, balmy days on a white beach somewhere. But in between sipping those exotic drinks with the little pink umbrellas, you might want to think about protecting yourself from those tropical rays. An awesome choice for a vacation hat, if your destination is a bright and hot one, is the roll up visor. Easy to transport, stylish, and totally protective, these summer hats will keep your skin young for many more trips to come.

    Bucket/Cloche vacation hat

    The cloche hat is an icon of women’s travel fashion, and there are few vacation hats more worldly, feminine, and stylish all at once. With a wide array of colors, materials, and selections, we’ve got everything you need to look absolutely dazzling as you sashay through some trendy part of the world for the first time. Check out our awesome bucket selection before you book that flight!

    Sports/Outdoor vacation hat

    The world is just full of adventure, and a good vacation hat should fully embrace the intrepid nature of travel. Thankfully, we here at e4Hats.com like to spend hours looking in the mirror and pretending we are Indiana Jones— and now you can too! Hopefully, you’ll be more successful than we are, and with our amazing selection of outdoor adventure hats, you are sure to find a look that inspires romance and daring. Check them out today!

    UV flap hat

    Sometimes, when traveling to some far-flung locale, one needs an absolutely practical vacation hat. The particular fashion sensibilities might not matter as much as sheer ruggedness and protection, and for these very situations there exists a bevy of useful solutions here at the internet’s most esteemed hat collection. We have every size and shape you could dream up, so pick yourself out a UV flap hat while the getting is good!

    We wish you the best of luck in your travels, and in furtherance of a splendid vacation we hope that you will peruse our galaxy of vacation hat selections before you decide to pack your bags. Summer, according to both famous literary figures and the average schoolchild alike, is all too short. Carpe diem!

  • Summer Hats Guide

    Got your suntan lotion ready? Life’s a beach this summer, and you may consider your rad friends here at e4Hats.com the foremost experts on all things warm and balmy this year. We’re rolling out the towels, dusting the sand off our feet, and spiking up a wide selection of summer hats and accessories, just in time for the shorts and t-shirt weather.
    Reminder: Our Father’s Day sale is going on now, and there is still plenty of time to pick out something heartfelt for Father Dearest. Between now and June 12th, grab Father’s Day hats at a whopping 25% off. You won’t find that very often!

    Summer Hats

    Straw Summer Hats

    What kind of images does summer conjure up for you? For us it is a country boy reclining by the creek in a straw hat, chewing on a piece of grass, and tying a fishing line around his big toe. Ok, a little hokey, we must admit, but you can’t deny that the straw hat is the quintessential American Summer hat. Styles come and go, but this one seems to be sticking! Make hay (or straw) while the sun shines this year!

    Panama Hats

    Why not go with a little tropical flair in your summer hat this season? While the so called “Panama hat” is actually from Ecuador, there is no denying that it is emblematic of all things warm, green, and summary. You’ll have to supply your own rum cocktail to complete the look!

    Wide Brim Sun Hats

    A perfect summer hat is one that gives you ample protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We’ve got a dizzying selection of wide brim sun hats that are big, bold, and blocking. Why tote around a parasol when you can wear a lightweight one on your noggin? Now you are thinking like a true, dyed in the wool beam-bum! These come in all shapes and sizes, and are made to easily fit into a bag or pack so that you are free to roam in comfort.

    Kids Summer Hats

    Summer is a very special time to be a young kid. The school bells cease their incessant ringing, and you’re released into absolute freedom for up to three months! What could possibly be better? Not getting sunburned for one! And why not look fashionable as well as practical? We’ve got a crazy selection of summer hats and accessories for the little ones in your life. Why not check them out and pick out something stylish kid hats for that special little guy or girl?

    As we wind our way into the glorious months of another summer, make sure to take ample time to stop and smell the roses. A new attitude, a long put off trip abroad, and cool summer hat are just what the doctor ordered as the world heats up. So squeeze the sand between your toes, pop open your favorite beverage, and take some time to explore the world of summer fashion with your friends here at e4Hats.com while supplies (and the sunshiny days) last!

  • Father's Day Hat Gift

    Consider the humble pater familias, the old man, dear old Dad. Where would you be without his guidance and advice? If you are lucky enough to have a strong father figure in your life, you should give thanks at every opportunity, but once a year we really turn up the appreciation with a holiday that Pops can call his very own. That’s right sons and daughters, Father’s day is upon us in all its patriarchal glory! And it is high time that you filial boys and girls start picking out a gift to showcase your respect.To help you out in this endeavor, we here at e4Hats.com are launching a sale that’s a chip off the old block. For eleven days, between June 3rd and June 13h, we are going to be slashing prices across the board by as much as 25%. You read that right, pay a quarter less for your Father’s Day hats this year! Let’s take a look at our popular Father's Day hats for the old guy, shall we?

    Father's Day Hats

    Father's Day Hats - Mesh Ball caps

    Dad is a practical guy, and likely not given to many highfalutin fashion sensibilities. For this reason, the humble mesh ball cap makes an excellent Father’s Day hat. We’ve got a wide assortment of colors and styles— all of them breathable and protective at the same time. If dad works a hard job to bring home the bacon, he will no doubt appreciate mesh ball cap, which is pretty much symbolic of the American working man. Check out all the colors while supplies last!

    Father's Day Hats - Driver Caps

    Perhaps Father knows best when it comes to style. If your dad has urbane tastes, you may need to step up your game when it comes to Father’s Day hats and accessories this year. We submit for your consideration, the “Driver” or “Flat” cap. If dad has a pedigree in fashion, these cosmopolitan hats are sure to suit his refined tastes.

    Father's Day Hats - Fisherman/Outdoor Hats

    Many a dad out there is a man of the great outdoors, so why not cater to his love of wide open spaces with a rugged, outdoorsy-style Father’s Day hat this year? Head on over to our wide selection and land yourself a whopper!

    Father's Day Hats - Embroidered Father’s Day Hats

    Sometimes it is best to just come right out and say it, and you can do just that with custom embroidered Father’s Day hats from our experts. “World’s Greatest Dad” may be hyperbole, but it never hurts to exaggerate your praise when it comes to a proud papa.

    Fathers are often the unsung heroes, toiling day in and day out to support and feed their families for little thanks or recognition. Whether you decide to go with a Father’s Day hat or a different thoughtful gift item this holiday, make sure you take the time to show the old man how much he really means to you. Even a simple “thank you” can go a long way to make his sacrifices feel worthwhile. A very special e4Hats.com “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads out there young and old.

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