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  • Patriot Day Sale 2020

    It is during this somber moment in September that we set aside a day to muse on all the things that we stand for as Americans: our values, cultures, and traditions. With cooling weather outside, the kids (mostly) going back to school, and the (hopeful) return of American football, early fall is a great time to be stateside.

    In furtherance of that, and in honor of this sacred day, we are offering a 20% discount store-wide during our Patriot Day sale. From September 4th through the 9th, all purchases will be a fifth off. Let’s check out what that entails this year, shall we?

    Patriot Day Sale 2020

    Patriot Day Sale on Patriotic Hats

    One of the key elements of Patriot Day is, you guessed it, patriotism! If you feel it, that pride of place is something you want to shout from the rooftops. This applies to all countries and peoples of the world. But let us apply it to this particular holiday. That means that Old Glory is going to be prominently featured in any Patriot Day attire. We have the American flag on just about any type of hat you could dream of, so head on over and fill your cart with American pride!

    Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps

    There are all sorts of cool messages, slogans, emblems and symbology associated with this holiday, and with the emotions it evokes. If you have an idea for something catchy and stylish, why not let us make it a reality for you to enjoy and showoff during this big Patriot Day Sale? From flags to mottos and so much more, you can have just about anything made – at a nice discount to boot!

    Cowboy Hats and Sombreros

    The cowboy hat is an all-American icon that we here at are quite happy to call one of our very favorites. So, if you are a fan of the big-sky, derring-do form of celebrating Patriot’s Day, we’d certainly love to lend you a helping (and fashionable) hand, partner. Just mosey on down to the largest collection of cowboy hats in all the west, and you are sure to light on something that will tickle your fancy.

    Cool Weather Accessories

    It is no secret that cooler temperatures are just around the corner, and before you know it, snow will be falling across northern climates. When that time comes, take it from us, you want to be well prepared for all the slings and arrows of nature’s frosty season. We’ve got every kind of cool weather accessory you could dream of – from beanies, to ear muffs, mittens and all sorts of fluffy, comforting things. Check us out and get an early drop on winter!

    However you decide to honor this important day, make sure that you do honor it. No matter who you are, a little patriotism never hurts. So, suit up, light the grill, and have an awesome Patriot’s day this year. We here at the offices of will be flying a flag for all our loyal customers!

  • St. Patty's Day Sale 2020

    Top of the morning to you all! Welcome back to the luckiest hat blog in all the land. What might you be looking for? Is it the latest in fashionable hats and stylish accessories? Why, look no further lads and lassies, for you have truly found the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow! Sorry, we just had to get that out of our system. Because the truth is that we are super excited for St. Patty's day this year. When else can you drink your fill of green beer, eat as much corned beef hash as you can stomach, and cap it all off with a street parade?

    This Tuesday, March the 17th is sure to be one for the ages, and to get you setup to celebrate in fine fashion, our wee leprechauns here at the offices of have been coming up a big sale for all the treasure hunters out there.
    Between the dates of the 9th and 16th, you can experience all the joy of a 20% discount on all hats store-wide. Maybe that’s enough to set Irish eyes smiling! Now let’s check out a few choice items, shall we?

    St. Patty's Day

    St. Patty's Day Green Hats

    We all know the time-honored, yet slightly annoying tradition, of running up and pinching those who commit the mortal sin of forgetting to wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day. While it may be a bit childish and silly, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Thankfully, we here at the emerald offices of have a ton of easy options for you to bedeck yourself in a bit of verdant glory this holiday. Save your skin from a thousand pinches while saving your pocketbook as well!

    Winter Hats and Accessories

    If you live in a climate at all similar to that of the emerald isle, chances are that spring is being a little hesitant, and has yet to fully release you from winter’s icy grip. Don’t fret, lads and lassies, because we have got your back. After all, you don’t want to be out watching the St. Patty's Day parade and shivering all the while! So, bundle up with beanies, scarves, ear muffs, and other cold weather accoutrement. You don’t have to break the bank, just head on over and check us out! You’ll be feeling warm as can be in no time!

    Custom Embroidered Caps

    Sometimes, you need to go your own way, craft your own message, and put things in your own words for St. Patrick’s Day. After all, Ireland has a great tradition of poets, lyricists, and writers. So, why not customize your holiday message with an embroidered cap from We can whip up just about anything you can come up with, and stitch it on a hat for you, just in time for the parades—now at a steep discount.

    Whatever your plans for the big day, make sure to practice moderation in all things, and embrace the luck of the Irish! See you next time.

  • Father's Day Sale - 20% OFF

    Dear old Dad can often go criminally underappreciated. If you are lucky enough to have a pater familias in your life who is strong and responsible, you want to make sure and take as many opportunities as possible to shower him with your love and respect. On Sunday, June 16th, we here in the US of A set aside some time to do just that, on a little calendar event we like to call “Father’s Day”.

    What’s that? You’d nearly forgotten it was coming up? Well have no fear, because we here at are super appreciative of all the fathers out there. In order to celebrate this awesome fatherly holiday, we are holding yet another of our big, blowout sales. Between June 8th and 13th, you have the opportunity to shave an entire 20% off of your cart. Now that’s a chip off the old block if you ask us! Let’s check out some thoughtful and unique gifts for the old man this year, shall we?

    father's day sale

    Father's Day Fedoras

    The humble fedora, once fallen out of style, is making a huge comeback. With shows like “Mad Men” and others, the fedora has stumbled back into the macho spotlight for men across the western world. Now, during our awesome Father’s Day Sale, you can scoop up this urbane and classic look for a fraction of the cost, keeping your old man suave into his golden years. What’s not to like?

    Father's Day Cowboy Hats

    If your dad has a personality as big and bold as the West itself, why not grab a ten gallon hat to celebrate the old man’s larger than life attitude? These iconic hats are a symbol of American heritage, and look particularly good on rugged, aged men! If your pops fits that category, check out our wide selection and help your dad ride in style!

    Father's Day #1 Dad Caps

    Your dad is the best, the bees knees, the top man for the job of being your father. So why not let him know just how you feel about his accomplishments? With the number one dad cap, along with other custom embroidered patches, you can let dad know how large he looms in your eyes and heart. Send the old man a gift that lets him broadcast his pride and joy to the rest of the world, now 20% off during our Father’s Day Sale!

    Father's Day Flat Caps

    Another classic look is found in the humble flat cap. This look has never gone out of style, and remains as handsome and cool as it ever was. If your dear old dad fancies himself as a bit of a fashionista, then except no substitute this Father’s Day!

    Dad is the man. Quite literally! So let him know how you feel with a thoughtful gift this June 16th. You’ll make him proud by being thrifty and saving a whopping 20% during our Father’s Day Sale, going on from the 8th to the 13th.

  • Mardi Gras Sale

    The long and austere season of Lent is right around the corner. Whether or not you are a practicing adherent to the Catholic faith, the period of frivolity and feast that proceeds this somber time of fasting is a great excuse for a party! In deeply Catholic places like New Orleans, this time is known as Mardi Gras! In fact, many places across the country celebrate some form of Carnival, and we here at the offices of have caught the bug ourselves. Therefore, we’ve decided to let the good times roll with a hugely discounted Mardi Gras Sale across the board. We’re parading out the savings between Feb 23rd and the first of March. That’s right, we’re throwing a whopping 20% off to celebrate this most festive of seasons! No coupon code to enter, just fill up your cart and save nearly a third at checkout. Now that’s something to parade about!

    Mardi Gras Sale

    20% OFF! Mardi Gras Sale!

    Jester Hats and Bands

    Everyone loves to play the fool come to Mardi Gras, and the jester is a time-honored trickster whose joyful antics are an integral part of the festivities. Now you can slip on a different hat and let go of the need to be serious, if only for a day. Just like in Shakespeare, the fool is usually the wisest one of all the characters. Check out our wide selection of foolish hats and novelty jester crowns today!

    Mardi Gras Furry Hats

    Three colors are symbolic of the Mardi Gras season: purple, green, and gold. Now you can grab a furry hat in these splendid and festive hues, and really take your Mardi Gras costume to a whole new level of novelty.

    Mardi Gras Masks

    Mardi Gras is all about letting go of your day to day identity and slipping into the mask of a creature a little more mysterious and fun, unbound by the constraints of dignity and propriety! Now you can do just that during our fabulous Mardi Gras sale. Simply slip into a new identity and save thirty percent off while doing so. After all, even your alter ego isn’t made out of money!

    Mardi Gras Embroidered Caps

    If you find Carnival a little over the top, we can’t really blame you. For you, we have a collection of hats that only subtly nod towards this garish festival. Why not check out some custom embroidered caps during our Mardi Gras Sale? Our savings are worth a ton of beads, doubloons, and cups.

    Whether you are headed down to the Big Easy for a no-holds-barred, explosive Mardi Gras party, or are just planning a low key barbeque with some friends, make sure to stop and smell the roses. After all, enjoying yourself and all the pleasures and fun that life has to offer: that’s the true meaning of this holiday. So cast off the trappings of the humdrum, throw on a mask and fill your cup with gin— because it’s Carnival time baby!

  • President's Day Hats

    Four score, and seven years ago, we created to spread great deals on hats and accessories throughout the land! But without the bold leaders of yesteryear, what examples of innovation and diligence would we have to look up to?
    All of this is just a roundabout way of saying that President's Day is right around the corner. During this once a year event, we take a little extra time to remember and honor those great minds who have helped forge our country and our institutions.
    And why not use the holiday to exercise your right to shop! We’ve got great deals across the board on all kinds of nifty fashion. So whether you are feeling presidential or not, check out our great President's Day’s hats while supplies last!

    president's day hats and caps

    President's Day Patriotic Hats

    President's Day is a fine time to display your pride of place, and there has never been a better spot than to get the necessary patriotic hats and gear. Check out our hats featuring Old Glory herself, and let the world know that you are a red-blooded American! No matter what side of the aisle you stand on,
    r who your favorite president is, we are all united under these patriotic hats!

    President's Day Custom embroidered Caps

    Presidents often “go their own way.” Great leaders don't usually go with the crowd, and neither do you. Your fashion sensibilities are every bit as unique as you are, and now with a custom embroidered cap you can display the very individuality which makes our country great. If you have an idea for a cool and presidential cap, let us know!

    President's Day Cold Weather Hats

    That “Polar Vortex” was a real doozy, and you may find that your President's Day hat needs to be extra cozy and insulating this year. We’ve got you covered partner! Whether you are celebrating the Executive in Chief, or just looking to rock a little fresh winter style, we have an amazing selection of cold weather hats for you to choose from. Check us out!

    President's Day National Flag Hats

    You can get in on the action even if you hail from distant shores. If you’ve got a flag you’d love to rep this President's Day (probably just Monday for you), we can definitely stitch it onto a quality cap for your pleasure.

    President's Day Historical Hats

    Those of us who get really into the holiday will want to harken back to the time when Presidents were colossal figures! How about an Honest Abe top hat? How about some period pieces from colonial or Civil War days? The creative possibilities are endless when you shop with your friends at

    Ok, guys and girls. We understand that President's Day might not fall very highly on the list of annual holidays. Most of us might not even notice! But do you really need an excuse for fresh new gear? We know that we don’t! So celebrate Monday with an awesome deal on some awesome accessories from your presidential friends here at e4Hats!

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