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Special Events

There are plenty of seasonal hats, but none peg the time of year quite so specifically as those with holiday themed embroidery or patches. Choose the perfect holiday themed cap and beanie for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween and other celebrations.
  • Patriot Day Sale 2020

    It is during this somber moment in September that we set aside a day to muse on all the things that we stand for as Americans: our values, cultures, and traditions. With cooling weather outside, the kids (mostly) going back to school, and the (hopeful) return of American football, early fall is a great time to be stateside.

    In furtherance of that, and in honor of this sacred day, we are offering a 20% discount store-wide during our Patriot Day sale. From September 4th through the 9th, all purchases will be a fifth off. Let’s check out what that entails this year, shall we?

    Patriot Day Sale 2020

    Patriot Day Sale on Patriotic Hats

    One of the key elements of Patriot Day is, you guessed it, patriotism! If you feel it, that pride of place is something you want to shout from the rooftops. This applies to all countries and peoples of the world. But let us apply it to this particular holiday. That means that Old Glory is going to be prominently featured in any Patriot Day attire. We have the American flag on just about any type of hat you could dream of, so head on over and fill your cart with American pride!

    Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps

    There are all sorts of cool messages, slogans, emblems and symbology associated with this holiday, and with the emotions it evokes. If you have an idea for something catchy and stylish, why not let us make it a reality for you to enjoy and showoff during this big Patriot Day Sale? From flags to mottos and so much more, you can have just about anything made – at a nice discount to boot!

    Cowboy Hats and Sombreros

    The cowboy hat is an all-American icon that we here at e4Hats.com are quite happy to call one of our very favorites. So, if you are a fan of the big-sky, derring-do form of celebrating Patriot’s Day, we’d certainly love to lend you a helping (and fashionable) hand, partner. Just mosey on down to the largest collection of cowboy hats in all the west, and you are sure to light on something that will tickle your fancy.

    Cool Weather Accessories

    It is no secret that cooler temperatures are just around the corner, and before you know it, snow will be falling across northern climates. When that time comes, take it from us, you want to be well prepared for all the slings and arrows of nature’s frosty season. We’ve got every kind of cool weather accessory you could dream of – from beanies, to ear muffs, mittens and all sorts of fluffy, comforting things. Check us out and get an early drop on winter!

    However you decide to honor this important day, make sure that you do honor it. No matter who you are, a little patriotism never hurts. So, suit up, light the grill, and have an awesome Patriot’s day this year. We here at the offices of e4Hats.com will be flying a flag for all our loyal customers!

  • Labor Day Sale 2020

    Here's Labor day sale! Usually, when we look at the calendar and see that Labor Day has nearly arrived, we are blown away by just how fast time is passing. But this year feels a bit different. Labor Day is an important holiday for our nation, and one which we set aside to honor the American worker. Perhaps this year and all its craziness have lent a certain extra bit of gravitas to the big day.
    Regardless of what this this September 7th will mean to you, we here at e4Hats.com always like to mark the occasion with another one of our deep discounts, so that our customers might find a bit of a style to mark the occasion by.

    So, from August 29th (that is Saturday) up until September 3rd, you can save a humongous 20% off of all hats and accessories store wide. No need to enter any coupon codes. Simply fill up your cart and check out to save a fifth off of all purchases.
    Now what kind of styles should we look at for this important holiday? It was a tradition for many years not to wear white after Labor Day, but that kind of thinking has fallen out of fashion. Now the trend is to wear whatever you want, whenever you want! So, with our new found freedom in mind: let’s have a browse, shall we?

    Labor Day Sale 2020

    Labor Day Sale Cool Weather Hats

    Labor day is often a handy marker for a change in temperatures across the northern hemisphere. Although that balmy weather doesn’t disappear all at once, depending on where you live, this may be the time of year to start looking to your winter wardrobe. Isn’t there some old saying about preparing for winter ahead of time? We certainly can’t remember, but during our Labor Day sale you can stack up the savings as you prepare for the coming cold. Check it out!

    Elegant Hats

    Fall also ushers in a whole lot of formal occasions. While there may be less this year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always strive to look your best. Why not dress up for a fancy Zoom meeting? Have cocktails with far away friends while looking fly. The possibilities are endless with our Labor Day Sale going on. So, check out our tiaras, scarves, ladies’ hats in all shapes and sizes, and make sure the camera treats you fabulously on your next online meeting.

    Kids Hats

    Some kids are back to school and some kids are not, but it is not too late to make those special boys and girls in your life look sharp for whatever this fall is bringing them. After all, there is no sense in letting a kid get used to sitting around in their pajamas all day, even if current circumstances might call for it a bit. During our sale, you can check out a sterling selection of hats for all young people.

    Whether you have big barbeque plans this Labor Day, or are hoping for a low-key beer out on the lawn before temperatures drop, we have got you covered. Make sure to honor the memory of all of the hard-working men and women who’ve built this country, and have a very happy Labor Day this year!

  • Back to School Sale

    Back to School Sale is here and what a strange year it has been. If you have kids, they have likely been hanging around the house quite a bit lately. The big question is this: will the nations children be headed back to school in the fall? Obviously, the answer will be different in different places. But this time of year is still going to be a transformative period for young minds, whether they are behind a desk or off on some far-flung adventure.

    With that in mind, we here at e4Hats.com have decided that it is full steam ahead with our big annual “Back to School” sale. From August 8th to 14th, you can shave a whopping 20% off of your entire cart, store-wide. Now that’s something to get excited about!

    Because looking good will always be important to young people, no matter what is happening in our crazy lives. So, let’s look at some fall fashions that will have them fitting in, expressing themselves, and feeling that boost of confidence so crucial to growing up! School is now in session.

    Back to School Sale

    Back to School Sale Custom Embroidered Caps

    When it comes to young people and self-expression, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. For those who want something unique, exciting, and expressive, our custom embroidered cap collection has got you covered. During our Back to School Sale you can get just about any message, slogan, image or icon stitched on the front of one of our high-quality baseball caps.

    Novelty Hats for Kids

    Having young kids sometimes calls for things to get a little wild and wacky. For those children who love to romp and play, dress-up and make believe, we’ve got a wide assortment of novelty kid’s hats that will help their budding imaginations run wild and free. Now 20% more free, in fact!

    Hats for Young Men

    For the young men headed back to school this fall, it may be time for a more mature look. After all, school is where a lad learns most of the social lessons that will ferry him through life. Thus, it is important that he look his best during this crucial point in his development, so that he can meet the world with his best foot forward. From fedoras to flat caps, we’ve got everything a young fellow needs to look sharp this fall.

    Hats for Young Women

    And let us not forget about those young ladies coming into adulthood. For your daughters, we have a huge collection of elegant stylish hats ranging from the formal to the everyday. Whether your young lady is looking for something light and breezy for a long day at the beach, or something somber and serious for making a lasting impression during a formal event, we are sure to have it at a steep discount during this year’s Back to School Sale!

    However you decide to prep those young folks for what is around the corner, make sure you take the time to see that they have the look they need. Self-image is hugely important to a developing mind, and looking good makes all the difference. Check out our Back to School Sale today and make fashion happen for a young person in your life!

  • Vacation Sale 2020

    We all need a break from time to time, and this year is certainly no exception. While far-flung travel may be off the menu this summer, it is important to remember that a vacation is a state of mind just as much as a destination! So why not pour yourself a drink, put your feet up, and let your imagination run wild as you take a break from the workaday world. Sure, the grass won’t stop growing and the bills will still have to be paid, but there is still time in the day to put your feet up.

    To help you in your quest to “get away from it all”, we here at the internet’s leading hat provider have devised a humongous sale! With our incredible assortment of styles, you can create a brand-new persona for yourself with some fresh summer fashion. And why spend an arm and a leg to do so? From July 25th through the end of the month, you can save a whopping 20% off of your entire card with our awesome Vacation Sale. So let’s check out some styles that will whisk you away, shall we?

    Summer Vacation Sale

    Vacation Sale Panama Hats

    While actually from Ecuador, the Panama hat is super evocative of green, humid places, and of South America in general. These little numbers are lightweight, which has always made them a favorite of jet setting travelers the world over. But even if you aren’t booking any plane tickets these days, why not take a trip on the exotic fashion express train to style? We’ve got you well covered during our Vacation Sale, amigo!

    Flat Caps

    Flat caps are another iconic hat for those who like a bit of “old world” in their fashion choices. While you may have to cancel your bookings in Paris and Rome this summer, there is nothing stopping you from redoing your own look to be a bit classier and more European. Why not check out this and other elegant, old fashioned looks during our vacation sale. You are sure to save a bundle!

    Straw Hats

    It is hot as the Dicken’s out there! But we know quite a few people planning there very own “Staycation” In their back yards. Usually these plans involve an ice chest full of cold beer, a reclining chair, and maybe a pool for those lucky enough to have access to one. In order to block the sun during these long, balmy days, a straw hat may be just what the doctor ordered. Straw is an amazing material, and one that an be hard to appreciate until you’ve placed it on top of your head! We’ve got so many different sizes, shapes, and styles that you will never find the last straw!

    However you decide to spend your down time, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy it, and are able to take a break from all the stresses and challenges that this year has brought. And remember to check out our big sale!

  • Super Bowl Sale 2020

    This is the best time of year to be a hardcore fan of American Football, one of the most exciting and dramatic sports there is. The playoffs are in full swing, and whether or not your team is in the big show, the thrill of the gridiron is still a great, all-American pastime. It is all leading up to a little event we like to call the Super Bowl, coming this year on the third of February. So pop those nachos in the microwave, crack open an ice cold beverage, and sit back with friends and family to revel in the glory and heartache that belong to this particular event.

    In order to help you make the day special, we here at the internet’s leading hat department are going for a gold ring of our own. That’s right: it’s time for the championship of savings to start! During our blowout Super Bowl Sale, you can save 20% off of your entire cart. Just head on down to the store between January 25th and 31st to realize an entire fifth off all the hats and accessories you could possibly desire. Let’s take a look at some of our hot items this year, shall we?

    super bowl

    Super Bowl Ball Caps

    What could be more suited to this uniquely American event than a classic of American fashion. The humble baseball cap has been with us quite a while now, and is a favorite of sports fans of all walks. Never before has there been such a dizzying array of caps available so cheaply and at the click of a few buttons. Have a peruse of our selection if you want to be blown away by the sheer variety! A wealth of choice awaits!

    Novelty Hats

    At the end of the day, the Super Bowl is about having a good time. Sometimes it might be fun to show up to that block part in a bit of silly attire. For those of you who like to take a walk on the wild side this time of year, we have a bevy of funky hat ideas for you to choose from.

    Football Hats

    If you are more of a meat and potatoes kind of person, we have a big collection of hats that pay homage to the game of football itself. Why not rock a pig-skin on the crown of your hat this Super Bowl, and show the world how you feel about the new American national pastime?

    Custom Embroidered Patches

    If you can’t find just the thing you are looking for, then have no fear. Many of our hats are fully customizable. We sport a big catalogue of custom embroidered patches as well, and these work not only for baseball caps, but for almost any item or accessory that you can think up. From gym bags to denim jackets, we’ve got you covered!

    However you decide to spend the big game, don’t forget to check out our awesome sale!

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