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Sun and Skin Protection

Lady’s Toyo Sun Hats. Toyo is a special kind of paper material original used by the Japanese to make hats which were renowned for being ultra-lightweight and breathable. These hats are perfect for the garden, or places where you know you are bound to break a heavy sweat, as the porous material really helps to keep the scalp cool and fresh.
  • Stylish Beach Sun Hats for Ladies

    sun hats

    Though the dog days of summer can often seem to stretch on for a sweltering eternity, the onset of school uniforms and carpools will be on us sooner than you think. But before you turn in your sunglasses for good, there is still time left for a trip out to the beach before the endless necessities of soccer practices and packing school lunches start to eat up all of your free time. Luckily, we here at e4Hats.com have got just what you need for that last hurrah at the seaside. Between our awesome selection of sun hats and a few windswept days by the coast, you’ll hopefully get enough of leisurely summer life to last you until the next one rolls around!

    Women’s Floppy Wide Brim Hats

    sun hats

    sun hats sun hats sun hats

     A sun hat should be light, airy, and elegant all at once. Our collection of bendable and wide brimmed hats are made from straw and other light-weight, breathable material to keep you cool throughout all the sand and sun a long day at the beach can throw at you. Head on over to our shop and search through our sea of awesome choices!


    Extra Wide Brim Hats

    sun hats

    sun hats sun hats sun hats

    A bit of extra protection is never wasted in these blazing summer months, particularly on those of us with fair or sensitive skin. Our extra wide brim sun hats provide a complete 360 degrees of shade in order to keep your face and neck completely burn free. Now you can enjoy that long day spent reading on the shore without suffering a bit of skin damage. Lose yourself in a good book and leave those UV rays to us.


    Roll-up Sun Hats

    sun hats sun hats sun hats sun hats

    Sun hats, much like travel plans, are much better when they are flexible. After all, we often don’t want to shut out the sun entirely, and those looking to get a controlled tan need to have the option to let in a few rays now and again. The roll up hat is perfect for grabbing a bit of sun without sizzling to a crisp, and we happen to have an enormous collection for you to check out before summer itself dries out. Head on over to our roll-up section and have it your way!

    Gardening Sun Hats

    sun hats sun hats sun hats sun hats

    Summertime is a great time for cavorting out amongst the squash and watermelon of your garden, but doing so can often be bad news for sensitive skin. That “farmer’s tan” look isn’t exactly trendy these days. Made from lightweight and breathable material, our versatile and practical collection of sun hats specially made for the grower in your life will have the whole neighborhood green with envy. Check out what’s cropping up at e4Hats.com.

    sun hats

    The sun is no joke come August, and we still have weeks ahead where the temperature is only going to rise more and more. With a fashionable and practical sun hat from our awesome summertime collection, you can enjoy the outdoors throughout all the scorching dog days ahead. Happy shopping, and here’s to finishing out the summer right!

  • Summer Vacation Travel Hats for Everyone

    travel hats

    Summer is the perfect time to step out for a while. With long days, blue skies, and the kids out of school, this season practically begs to be filled up with trips, vacations, and other assorted opportunities for merrymaking. The world is wide, but before you set out to explore, make sure that you take the time to be well prepared for all contingencies. To help you get ready to go, we here at the summertime’s grandest provider of hats and accessories have got a wide selection of travel hats to fit perfectly into your leisure time. With our hats protecting you from that brilliant summer sun, the world is truly your oyster. So head on over and check out all the pearls e4Hats.com has got for you!

    Wrap and Roll-up Visors

    travel hats

    travel hats travel hats travel hats

    The best travel hats are light, casual, and most of all easily transportable. These wrap and roll-ups manage to be hassle-free and stylish at the same time, making them exceptional for that trip to the beach or long day of gardening. Best of all, these hats are particularly protective against the harsh summer sun, and can do wonders for preserving your skin against the scorching elements.

    Crushable and Bucket Hats

    travel hats

    travel hats travel hats travel hats

    Summer is a wonderful time to get out onto the water. Whether it is a trip to the seaside to catch some rays or a fishing vacation to catch some fillets, we'll get you sorted out with just the thing to keep you cool and comfortable throughout. When it comes to travel hats, the crushable sun hat especially lends a bit of feminine elegance and classical beauty to the rough living of travel. Just because you are living out of a suitcase doesn't mean you have to look like it!

    UV Sunblock Hats

    travel hats

    travel hats travel hats fb001uv-black-1

    If you are a person with delicate and fair skin, blocking the rays of the summer sun can be a serious business. With these specially designed travel hats, you can be sure to be protected all throughout your wanderings. The road can be rough and raw, but your skin doesn’t have to be. Check out the large selection to find something that fits your needs before you set out into the sunshiny world!

    Hiking, Outdoor Travel Hats

    travel hats

    _1315933394_4 travel hats travel hats

    There are few things more enlivening in summertime than a brisk hike through some lovely mountains. Travel hats well-suited for hiking should be sturdy, protective, and practical. Head on over to our outdoor/fishing/hiking hat selection and grab something as tough and ready as you are, and hit the trails knowing that you are prepared for anything the path might throw at you.

    travel hats

    Your summer trip, just like the travel hat you pick out from e4Hats.com, is sure to be unique and personal. Wherever on this wild blue planet you decide to point your footsteps, know that e4Hats.com has got just the thing to make your experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. So before you book those plane tickets, why not check out all the wonderful offers we have? Our hats will help you make the most out of your summer travel plans!

  • Cool Summer Visor Hats

    Summer is right around the bend, bringing with it balmy temperatures and long, sunshiny days. The kids are going to be out of school soon, and it is time for both young and old to get outdoors and enjoy the blue skies. Whether you are planning 18 holes, a few tennis matches, a day at the beach or water park, or even getting an early start on barbeque season, you are going to want to make sure you take steps to protect your skin from the intensifying UV rays that are one of the few downsides to this wonderful season of outdoor visor hats.


    That is where we here at e4Hats.com can help out. With our amazing visor hat selection, you can stay shaded through all those camping trips and days at the amusement park. Whatever your pleasure, we have the particular visor hat you need, so come check us out: summer is calling!

    Clip on visor hats

    clip on visor hatsclip on visor hatsclip on visor hatsclip on visor hats

    A visor hat is best when it is kept simple – and the clip on visor hat is just that. Straightforward, elegant, designed to fit snugly on your head all throughout a vigorous tennis match, the clip on visor hat is perfect for the active summer citizen. Check out all the shapes and patterns before you grab something for the beach, the hiking trail, or the court.

    Wrap up and roll up visor hats

    roll up visor hatsroll up visor hatsroll up visor hatsroll up visor hats

    One of the best parts of having a nice visor hat for summer is how easy it makes staying protected from the sun. Stick it in your bag, stuff it in your purse, fold it up into your back pocket – a wrap up visor hat will pop back into shape when you need it most. If only all of life was so simple and convenient.

    Gardening and wide brimmed visor hats


    If you are like us here at e4Hats.com, summer is all about planting tomatoes and watermelon. Whether you are just dabbling or are a truly legendary green thumb, you’ll want a trusty visor hat to keep you from becoming a “redneck” in the literal sense of the word. Thankfully, our gardening and wide brimmed visor hat selection has been growing like wildfire just in time for all of that annoying weeding that needs to be done. The sweet rewards of fall are not far behind, fellow gardeners!

    Plain and patterned strap back visor hats

    strap back visor hats

    A strap back visor hat is truly a minimalist’s dream when it comes to fashionable accessories. The simplest design, however, can also be the most effective, and this visor hat may be the best for keeping you cool during outdoor events. Here at e4Hats.com, we have a wide selection of both plain strap backs for your customization pleasure, and visor hats that have been designed to make use of a rainbow of lovely patterns.

    clip on visor hats

    Embrace the blazing days ahead. Find your joy in the warming world – the opportunities for outdoor fun are endless. Make sure you are well prepared for the merrymaking with an awesome visor cap from the internet’s leading provider of hats and accessories – e4Hats.com!

  • A Guide to the Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    The Perfect Summer Sun Hat

    If you’ve made it this far into the dog days of summer, you probably already know a thing or two about staying cool. As the thermometer climbs, the joyful freedom of the season can turn into lethargy and a tendency to stick to one’s leather couch (in more ways than one).

    If you’ve been suffering from the summer blues, we’ve got just the thing to help you out: hats from e4hats.com!

    As we enter the hottest time of the year, it is little wonder that the recent craze for sun hats has swept fashion circles all over the world over. These wide brimmed, ultra-lightweight hats are just the ticket for getting out and about without turning into a piece of overdone beef jerky in the sizzling heat of the day.


    fe003fw-1   bi003fw-tea-1_2


    Straw Sun Hats

    Get in touch with your inner country girl with our wide selection of straw sun hats, perfect for those summer days spent gazing up at the clouds. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available, and we recommend checking out our array of “fringed edge” sun hat for that “rough around the edges” look that is trending this summer.


    summer-cute-hipster-beauty-large   woman-862514_640


    Floppy Brim Sun Hats

    Wider is better when it comes to sun hats, and no brims are quite as wide and versatile as the ones on our floppy brim sun hats. Made from lightweight material, these brims are perfectly poised to protect you from the worst UV rays the sun has to offer. Often associated with luxury tourism, these classic symbols of leisure are perfect for a day on an exotic beach..




    Lady’s Toyo Sun Hats

    Toyo is a special kind of paper material original used by the Japanese to make hats which were renowned for being ultra-lightweight and breathable. These hats are perfect for the garden, or places where you know you are bound to break a heavy sweat, as the porous material really helps to keep the scalp cool and fresh.




    Bow Trim Sun Hats

    Much like the floppy brimmed variety, these accessories have a crimped brim, which gives them a more feminine elegance, a bit of a girlish allure that can be further highlighted by pastels and other bright colors suited to the greens and blues of a summer day.


    tn002ru-mauve-1  ux001ru-gold-1




    Roll up Brim Sun Hat

    A proper English ladies hat, the rolled up brim makes this classic headpiece seem high-brow and respectable. Stick a flower in the hatband for a bit of added panache and class, and you are all set for the derby, opera, or fancy cocktail hour.

    Whatever your style, a hat is an absolute necessity in hot climates once the month of August rolls around. If you are anywhere near the equator, even in the subtropic zones, the sun is a serious health concern. Why not look super hip, while at the same time responsibly protecting your skin from harmful UV rays? With hats from e4hat.com, you can be stylish and safe all at the same time. Enjoy your summer, and roll on breezy days of fall!

  • Top 4 Summer Vacation Destinations

    Our Favorite Summer Vacation Spots for 2015.



    Summer vacation is a time of highs and lows. The sun above brings bright days, but it is often oppressive in its heat. While many people may have extra free time during this season of freedom and leisure, those fair-skinned types may find themselves restricted to small doses of the outdoors, lest they burn and blister. A day at the beach conjures images of joyful relaxation in the sand, but the reality of the wrathful sun above often leaves beachgoers sore and peeling.

    But don’t let the brilliant rays of the sun keep you at your computer all summer long, there is still plenty of time to make a temporary escape. What’s more, if you bring along proper headwear those bothersome UV rays will become quite manageable.

    Without further ado, here are our picks for some top vacation spots this summer, along with the perfect hat for the trip from e4hats.com!


    clearwater-beach-467983_640           fz001bh-navy-1


    Mosey down to Pensacola Beach, Florida with a stylish bucket hat or visor

    Originally settled by the Spanish, this pristine barrier island on the “Redneck Rivera” has some of the nicest beaches in the nation. White sands, a calm bay on one side, and an ancient fort that once held Geronimo are just some of the island’s attractions. But be warned, the Deep South is deeply hot and humid come summer time, and visitors would do well to come prepared with the 360 degrees of shade that our mesh bucket hat can provide. Visors are also a great way to provide shade without feeling confined.



    Jet over to Lanai, Hawaii with a colorful roll up sun visor

    This is the smallest publicly accessible island in the Hawaiian island chain, but that only adds to the seclusion and mystery of this Polynesian paradise. Once a giant pineapple plantation, the island is now a great spot for a quiet day at an empty beach. Don’t be deterred by the proximity to the equator’s scorching rays, one of our colorful roll up hats can fit handily in a purse and provide shade as you bask in the glory that is Hawaii.


    sea-418742_640         fc001fw-tan-black-1


    Sail away to Zakynthos Island, Greece with our wide brim beach hat

    The nation of Greece has been hard up lately, but that is no reason not to appreciate its warm culture and ancient insular beaches. Nicknamed “the flower of the East” by Venetians, this gorgeous Ionian island is a great place to get away from it all if you can afford the airfare (and if you are already in Europe, it will be cheap). But take care traveler, the Greek sun God Helios is alive and well in these isles, so come prepared with our classy beach hat.



    Fly out to Fiji with our tweed floppy sun hat

    Just a jaunt away from New Zealand’s North Island (and in that part of the world, a jaunt is a mere 1000 miles), the islands of Fiji are a tourist’s paradise. With a rich native culture and beautiful landscape, there is plenty to do and see on this historic island chain. But the sun is no joke, so come stylish with our tweed floppy sun hat, and spend the week in a hammock listening to the waves crash in.

    Wherever you go this summer, remember that too much sun is a serious health concern. With our wide selection at e4hats.com, you can protect yourself and look cool in the process.

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