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  • Winter Trip Gear 2017

    What could possibly make the festive Christmas season even better? A winter trip of course! Taking some time to step out of your comfort zone, to experience some new sights and sounds this Christmas may be just what the doctor ordered. While home and hearth are splendid this time of year, winter wonderlands await across this great land of ours, and a world covered in glistening snow is certainly a joy to behold. In order to fully appreciate what a frosty vacation may have to offer, let your friends here at the internet’s leading hat supplier help outfit you with a bit of winter trip gear. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination feeling ill-prepared, with a bare noggin, frozen fingertips and a chill down your spine. Let’s look at all the ways you can deck yourself out and make your winter plans that much more enjoyable this year. Fireplace not included!

    Winter Trip Gear

    Here are Our Selected Hats for Winter Trip Gear

    Stretch Beanies

    What winter trip gear roundup would be complete without the stretch beanie? This international symbol of the intrepid winter traveler is as hip as anything you’ll see in the summer months. Time to hit the slopes and embrace the “ski bum” lifestyle for a spell— now available in an assortment of colors.

    Pom Beanies

    If you’d rather be cute than hip, we’ve got the winter trip gear you need to pull off the look. A pom beanie is a delightful and festive version of the traditional head covering, vaguely elfin, and is suitable for any kind of chilly adventure you can dream up. Also looks absolutely adorable on the kids!

    Ear Muffs

    Three cheers for the ears! These little appendages do so much for us and suffer so badly during Jack Frost’s icy reign. If you are headed somewhere where the winds blow cold, you’ll want to check out our winter trip gear ear muffs selection. Get ready to move through the world with the confidence of knowing your ears aren’t about to fall off!


    Quality winter trip gear is all about maximizing the experience, despite the elements and their many attempts to befoul your good time. In any sojourn among snowflakes, one of the best items you can bring along is going to be a well-crafted, thick pair of winter gloves. Frostbite is a very real thing, especially in the far north, so best take a little time to sort yourself out with some gloves from e4Hats.com. We’ve got a variety of styles, materials, and sizes for you to choose from.

    Whatever corner of the globe you choose to explore this year, make sure your winter trip gear is an important part of your plans.

  • Green Monday Sale - 2017

    Black Friday has already blown through, hopefully having left you with some sweet new gear for your home or wardrobe. But you certainly aren’t tired of the colorfully named days just yet, are you? We hope not because it is nearly time to make way for the so-called “Green Monday.” Green Monday is pretty much the same as Cyber Monday, except that it falls on the second Monday of the month. While a Green Monday Sale may seem a little obscure, the savings definitely aren’t. You can get 25% off site-wide just by using the coupon code “e4hats25”. So strap yourself in for a shopping extravaganza, and get those Christmas presents sorted with your friends here at e4Hats.com. Let’s look at what is flying off the shelves this holiday season.

    Green Monday Sale

    Here are Our Selected Hats for Green Monday Sale

    Christmas Costume Hats

    Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? The closer we get to Christmas, the more we see images of Chris Cringle appearing across the landscape. Now you can get in on the joy and cheer of Santa with some iconic christmas hats from e4Hats.com. We can’t help you pack the pounds you’ll need to complete the look, but you are sure to give some good memories to any children who meet you. Just be ready to make a list and check it twice – kids are getting demanding these days. But if the lead role isn’t your thing, you can step back from the spotlight and be one of Santa’s little helpers. That’s right, elf hats are also to be found in our wide selection. Pick yourself out something festive during our Green Monday sale, and let the yule-tide cheer wash over you.

    Christmas Embroidered Beanies

    This Christmas season is sure to be a cold one, so you’ll want to take advantage of our Green Monday Sale in order to bundle up against the frosty air. Embroidered beanies make a great stocking stuffer and can keep that noggin toasty warm through all the snow glistening in the lane. Not only are they warm, but we custom embroider them for your pleasure. If you can dream it we can sew it on to a beanie!

    Christmas Party Hats

    Christmas is a great time to let your hair down. But if you don’t have long hair, it might be time to check out a pair of reindeer horns! Our Green Monday sale is a great time to get a bit silly with your fashion accessories. After all, the discounts mean you are free to experiment with your heart’s content!

    However you decide to celebrate the season, our Green Monday sale is a great excuse to make it special with a few choice items. That little bit of flair can go a long way to making the Christmas memories unique and vivid for years to come. Let us help you get equipped with the exact fashion accessories you are looking for this holiday season. Merry Christmas to all our friends out there!

  • Winter Beanies and Hats

    The days have grown short and the nights long, and there is a frigid crispness to the air that can be uncomfortable if you aren’t properly prepared. That’s right folks, beanie season is well upon us, and now is the perfect time to stock up on winter beanies and hats. Your friends here at the internet’s best hat provider are ready for a fireside chat and a cup of hot chocolate – or you could simply peruse our massive winter hat selection to your heart’s content! We’ve got just what you need to wrap up tight as the snow falls and sleigh bells ring.

    Winter Beanies and Hats

    Here are Our Selected Winter Beanies and Hats


    Called by many different names, the humble beanie is the cornerstone of winter hat wear. But there is no reason your winter beanie should be a drab, spartan affair. Use this opportunity for a bit of flair. We’ve got a humongous assortment of beanies, knit especially for your cold-weather ensemble this year. Check out the giant selection and keep that noggin toasty!

    Faux Fur Hats

    Who doesn’t love the look and feel of fur against the skin on a frosty December morning? Now you can get that look without worrying yourself about the plight of our furry friends. Synthetic fur is every bit as cozy as the real thing and much cheaper to boot. Check out all the different flavors on our faux fur page, and pick yourself out a nice winter hat.

    Trooper Hats

    For those of us in seriously cold places, bundling up can be a matter of life and death. But that still doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it, don’t you know? The trooper hat is an icon from such cold-weather films as Fargo, where the plucky state trooper must brave the cold (and criminals) to save the day. One of the warmest winter hats that money can buy – so check out our awesome selection of trooper hats while supplies last!

    Beanies for the Kids

    It’s a jungle out there this winter, and now you can stop having to tussle with your kids to get them to bundle up. With our wild selection of cute and cuddly hat youth winter hat wear, your children will be roaring with anticipation. Lions, tigers, and bears abound in our menagerie of knit animal hats. Check it out before they go extinct!

    Winter is not coming, it’s already here! So bundle up yourself and those you care about in style. As the temperature drops, you’ll be comfy, cozy, and looking good all through the winter!

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

    If you are lucky, you are probably stuffed full of turkey and cranberry dressing right now, likely lounged out with family and friends, getting ready to catch a football game or share that convivial glass of wine. Thanksgiving sure is great. But remember, the day after Thanksgiving has become its own sort of jamboree over the years. That’s right! Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are nearly upon us here in the old US of A.

    That can only mean one thing: massive sales! But there is no need to form a line and camp out when it comes to getting your winter fashion sorted out. Just hit up your friends here at the internet’s leading hat department, e4hats.com!
    Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale starts now. From November 22nd through the 27th, you can carve a healthy discount of 30% off of all orders. Just use offer code e4Hats30 to get in on the action. All without leaving the turkey-scented comfort of home and hearth!

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday - Knit Beanies

    Black Friday might as well be called “Frosty Friday” for all the chills this time of year inevitably brings. Whether or not you are sat outside in a long line of consumers, you want to make sure to stock up on insulation. The knit beanie is the perfect high-quality solution to all your cold-weather needs.

    Black Friday - Bucket Hats

    The outdoor fun doesn’t stop just because it is Black Friday, and the gift-giving season is just right around the corner. Why not pick up a bucket hat for the sportsman in your life? These rugged, durable hats, sometimes known as “Fishermen’s Hats”, are straight out of central casting.

    Black Friday - NASA Hats

    Do you need a special occasion like a Black Friday sale to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos? We certainly didn’t think so. There is a lot of room up there in the great vastness of space, and now you can show your support and devotion to the men and women who probe it. Our galactic collection of NASA hats is out of this world! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Black Friday - Animal Beanies for Kids

    What could be better than to hear a knock at your door this weekend, while you are still cozy in your socks by the fire? What’s this? It is a package from e4Hats.com. The kiddos come running down the stairs, and before they know it they are dressed in animal beanies! We’ve got all creatures great and small to make those young ones darling and warm this Black Friday Sale. Check out our menagerie!

    Be sure that you don’t get sucked into the massive, elbowing crowds that are sure to descend on every box store near you this Black Friday Sale. Shop the smart way! Save big with just the click of a button and have your heart’s desire sent directly to your home. No fuss, no muss this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Just head on over to e4hats.com and browse, shop, and save. And look for our upcoming Christmas selection, coming soon to your laptop!

  • Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas

    November is a fantastic month to be an American. Football season is in full swing. The leaves are crunchy on the ground and the air is crisp. And every turkey across the land is filled with trepidation as basters and ovens are prepped at the ready because, of course, Thanksgiving Day is coming! But before you get out the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, it is time to take a long hard look at your fall and winter wardrobe. How are you set for the incoming cold weather? We would hate to see you fill up on vittles without the freshest style to accentuate your Thanksgiving feast this year. So, let us lend you a hand. Grab a drumstick and join us as we look at what’s in season. Check Thanksgiving Day gift ideas with e4Hats.com.

    thanksgiving day gift ideas

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Beanies

    It’s getting cold out there, and by Turkey day it is bound to be even nippier. As Thanksgiving Day is coming, along with all things after, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our cold weather selection, including a wide assortment of beanies, toques, ski caps, snookies, or whatever else you call them up in your neck of the woods.

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Newsboy Cap

    Thanksgiving Day is coming, and one of the best parts about having a large meal with your family is getting to see how all the little ones have grown this year. If one were to get into the holiday spirit a little early, this feast might present some great gift giving opportunities. And if there is one gift that mom and dad will agree on, it is a styling newsboy cap for that young male cousin or nephew. How adorable!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Pilgrim Bonnets

    The pilgrims are an integral part of Thanksgiving lore, and this year you can pay them homage in a creative way. As Thanksgiving Day is coming, we here at the offices of e4hats.com have been giving some thought to the history of this auspicious occasion, and have come up with an assortment of pilgrim themed hats for bringing back the spirit of the times!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Turkey Novelty Hats

    Looking for something to turn a few heads at the dinner table this year? Well look no further. Thanksgiving Day is coming, and we’ve got all the festive accoutrement you need to make the occasion special. These gobbler hats are flying off the shelves, as jokers around the world make ready to liven up the family feast. Get in on the action in our novelty hat section!

    Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas - Football Hats

    One of our favorite things to do come Thanksgiving Day is to fill up on food until we are absolutely stuffed, and then retire to the couch for a game of bone-crunching football with the family. Now you can practice this time honored American tradition in style with a football hat from your friends here at e4hats.com!

    However you decide to celebrate Turkey Day, make sure to give thanks for everything good in your life. After all, aside from family and food, that’s what the day is really about. Happy early Thanksgiving to all our friends and customers!

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