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  • e4Hats Pool Billiards Club Grand Opening Celebration

    e4Hats Pool Billiards Club

    Come check out e4Hats billiards and pool hall

    The clack of the plastic orbs, the smell of that purple chalk, and the sound of people having a whole lot of fun: they all work to create that feast of the senses known as the American pool hall. A tradition for old times and new, billiards and pocket ball are fantastic pastimes, and while we here at the offices of e4Hats.com pride ourselves on being one of the internet’s largest sellers of hat and fashion accessories, we also like to have a bit of fun on the side, and these games have long been some of our greatest passions.

    With that said, we’d like to announce that we are "throwing our hat into the ring" so to speak, and opening our very own e4Hats billiards club!

    You heard that right, we figured that there was something missing from our spot here in lovely Fullerton California, and have decided that a place to hang out and practice our passion (hopefully with all of you) was just what the doctor ordered. And so, we are now proud to officially announce the grand opening of the e4Hats billiards club!

    Located at 701 S. Harbor Boulevard in beautiful Fullerton California, our new pool hall boasts modern, clean facilities, a ton of floor space, and some of the best quality tables that you can shake a pool stick at. Our tables, for those of you who know the game, are Morrisons from Golden West. For those of you who have no idea what that means, the Morrison is a quality table known for its simple, clean, classic design-- and we’ve got more than enough of them for you and your friends to enjoy.

    We are open every day of the week except Sunday and major holidays, and are hoping to make ourselves known as an awesome spot for pool aficionados and newbies alike to hang out and engage in this awesome pastime. Come and make some new friends, or bring your own group of buddies and learn a few tips and tricks to sharpen up your pool game, and just generally relax and enjoy yourself.

    Our facilities stay open until 10pm, so we plan to host the after-work crowd as well.

    If you are new to the game, there is absolutely no need to be intimidated, as we accommodate all skill levels, from pro to "never held a pool stick." With that in mind, there has never been a better time to get into the game.

    Why spend your leisure time staring at a computer screen? How about some good, old-fashioned, face to face comradery and perhaps even competition? Come check out e4Hats billiards and pool hall, and have some good clean fun this weekend! We’ll see you soon.

  • Children’s Hat for Back to School

    Parents everywhere are filled with a mix of joy and dread this week, as they prepare to ship the kiddies off of the couch and out into the world for another year of school. There is certainly some stress, and a bit of trepidation involved. After all, a lot goes into getting a young human prepped and primed for maximum learning potential. We here at e4Hats.com want to make sure that, for the parents out there, this period of transition is as easy and hassle-free as possible. By offering a huge selection of children’s hat for you to choose from, we hope that at least your wardrobe worries for the little one will be put at ease. After all, looking good on his or her first day in a new place is of monumental importance to a young person, and it is likely that things will go a lot smoother if he or she feels confident stepping onto the school grounds. So, in furtherance of this, let’s take a look at some more children’s hat for back to school!

    children’s hat

    First Choice of Children’s Hat - Youth Sized Ball Caps

    Every red blooded American boy needs at least one ball cap in his wardrobe, but finding just the right one can be deceptively difficult. Our site boasts one of the largest collections of children’s hats to be found on the internet, and there is something to please just about every taste and style.

    Embroidered Caps for Children

    If your idea of a children’s hat is something as original and unique as your little one themselves, then look no further than our awesome custom embroidered cap collection. If you can dream it up, we can slap it on a baseball cap and mail it to you for a song. Any emblem, symbol, or motif you are looking for can be accommodated in time for the first day of school, and is sure to make a great impression!

    Bucket hats for kids

    The bucket hat is good for so many things, and whether acting as a sportsman’s hat or a children’s hat, its stylish protection goes a long way. If your little one is as practical as you, why not check out a bucket hat or cloche this school year?

    Youth Fedoras

    If a baseball cap is a little too casual in terms of a children’s hat, we’ve got a whole lot of items of the formal persuasion. If you are looking for something nice for that suave little boy in your life, look no further than our urbane selection of fedoras. The fedora is the gift that keeps on giving – despite undulation in its “cool factor”, the fedora seems to always bounce back into style.

    Let’s make that awkward first day at school a breeze for the kiddos this year. After all, once freed from concerns about their appearance, the little students will be able to focus fully on stuffing themselves full of knowledge and learning. Have a happy back to school with a children’s hat from your friends here at e4Hats.com!

  • Sportsman Hat - Protect Yourself From Sun

    Fancy yourself the sporting type? While the tail end of summer may be hot, we know that there are those of you out there who seize the day and use this time of year to get mixed up in some outdoor adventure. Whether it be sports, travel, camping, or even a trip down to the lake for a bit of fishing, we’ve got a sportsman hat that is sure to make the experience even better.
    A good sportsman hats should be rugged, durable, and able to weather the elements and keep you protected through all that Mother Nature might throw at you. Hiking through the jungle or sitting in the shade with a cane pole, we’ve got you covered! Check out the wide selection at e4Hats.com and grab something today.

    Sportsman Hat

    Floatable Nylon Sportsman Hat

    So many of our favorite outdoor activities take place out on the water, and a sportsman hat isn’t much good to you stuck down on the bottom of a lake or pond. With 360 degrees of protection and buoyancy to boot, our khaki nylon fishing hat represents the pinnacle of sportsman hat technology. Get one shipped to you straight away before you hit the bait shop this year!

    UV Hats

    For the fair skinned folks who love the outdoors, sun protection can be the difference between an enjoyable 18 holes, and feeling like a roasted turnip. Why not upgrade your outdoor game with a special UV blocking sportsman hat from e4Hats.com? We’ve got everything you need to make painful sunburn a thing of the past.

    Mesh Trucker Caps

    Sometimes the best thing for a sportsman hat is to just keep it simple. The trucker hat is a classic of American design, and is insanely light and breathable. More so than other sportsman hats, these babies are fully customizable and come in a whole galaxy of colors and styles – not to mention that we can easily custom embroider one with your favorite design, emblem or symbol. Just ask!

    Outback Hats

    If there is one country that knows their sportsman hats, it is the great nation of Australia! After all, the land down under is about as hot and wild as places come. Flexible, lightweight, and exotically stylish in its simple construction – the outback is a fantastic choice for any outdoor summer activities. Check them out today, mate!

    That golf course, fish filled pond, or hiking trail is out there waiting for you this summer. No need to succumb to the lethargy of the so called “dog days” and huddle inside with the A/C on full blast. Once winter is here, you’ll be kicking yourself for not living these balmy days up to their fullest potential. With an awesome sportsman hat from your pals here at the internet’s best hat provider, you can have a bit of fun while keeping stylish and protected. Just remember to make hay while the sun shines, and check out our amazing selection while supplies (and the warmth of summer) still last!

  • Youth Hats for Back to School

    The first hints of fall are in the air: a cool breeze, the pumpkins starting to plump up on the vine, and a new vibrancy in the air that is welcome to say the least. Of all the little clues that the turning of the seasons is not far away, one of the most obvious is the fact that kiddies everywhere are gearing up for another school year. And while pencils, paper, and textbooks are all important items on the list, a five-minute conversation with nearly middle schooler will tell you where their priorities really lie: being cool, of course. With that in mind, we here at e4Hats.com are launching a huge back to school youth hats sale. That’s right, it’s another site wide sale! children’s hats for back to school (and everything else), are marked down 20% between 8/4 and 8/11. Just use the coupon code e4Hats20, and get the discount plus free shipping on orders over $35.

    Youth Hats

    Newsboy Youth Hats

    When you need a children’s hat for back to school that will have your little boy looking dapper, the newsboy hat is an excellent choice. These retro style hats are an old but not forgotten symbol of boyish charm and flair. So check out all the many colors and styles we have on offer, and pick up something cheap and cool for your little guy’s first day at school this year.

    Fedora Youth Hats

    Another classic children’s hat for back to school is the suave fedora. While it has taken some heat over the years, the fedora seems to have now been fully embraced as part of the American stylistic cannon. It’s never too early to start practicing that dashing look, so check them out today while supplies last!

    Baseball Caps

    Fall is also the time when a lot of sports get back in swing, so while you are looking for your children’s back to school hat this year, consider the humble baseball cap. These caps are rugged, durable, and unapologetically American. We’ve also got custom embroidered patches that feature a wide assortment of hobbies, interests, and symbols. If you are looking to keep things simple this fall, the baseball hat is a fine choice.


    Fall is a great time for children to accessorize, so if a back to school hat for children isn’t your thing this year, we have a bevy of other possibilities to choose from. Gloves, patches, scarfs, tiaras, you name it and chances are that we have it. So, if mixing and matching is bag, head on over to our accessory section and peruse to your heart’s content!

    Education is the cornerstone of our society, and while the kiddies are getting their brains stuffed full of knowledge about science and arithmetic, they are also learning a thing or two about social skills. During this formative time, it is important that a child feels at their most confident. While this may be easier said than done, we here at e4Hats.com have got everything you need to get them started on the right foot. Class is in session!

  • Sun Hats for Men and Wemon

    We humans have a conflicted relationship with the sun. On the one hand, it's bright and shiny face gives us warmth, vitamin D, and a pep in our step on a bright and sunny day. However, it isn’t all rose petals, and too much exposure to this giant ball of burning gas is a one-way ticket to wrinkles, skin damage, and possibly even cancer. Like all good things, the sun is best enjoyed with a bit of moderation. In order to help you keep those burns at bay, we here at e4Hats.com are dedicating this week to sun hats, in all their many colors, styles, and shapes. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the shady selections we’ve got in store for you this week.

    Sun hats

    Floppy Wide Brim Hats

    Nothing ruins a day at the beach quite like being scorched by the sun. Now you can transform yourself into a walking bit of shade with this wide diameter sun hat. Classically feminine, easy to stow and pack, and as shady as a parasol, these may be the perfect sun hats for your next trip or outdoor event.

    UV Sun Block Hats

    When looking elegant isn’t such an important concern, but your fair skin is, we’ve once again got just the right sun hat to fit your needs. These hats are extensively protective and are designed to cover all of your sensitive areas with a thick, sturdy material. UV Sun Block Hats can be particularly useful if you are headed somewhere close to the equator, where the sun can be a serious danger to the fair skinned among us.

    Roll up Brim Hats

    If you’d like something with a bit more of a low profile, the roll up hat might be for you. While not quite as protective as some of the other items on our list, this sun hat makes for a subtle way to limit your UV exposure. The material is lightweight and breathable as well, so check them out today!

    Outback Sun Hats

    Outback hats might be our personal favorite sun hat here at e4Hats.com. Exotic without being over-the-top, shady without being too large, the outback hat strikes a great balance between protection and style. Check out all the lightweight and breathable options we’ve got to choose from.

    Whatever sun hats are for you, make sure you do take your skin into consideration this summer. While a frolic in the sunshine is time well spent, you don’t want to end up paying for it down the road. So let us here at e4Hats.com help you protect yourself through every season. Grab sun hats or accessories from our wide selection and enjoy the outdoors without a bit of worry.

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