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Bow Ties

A bow tie is a type of necktie that is made from a ribbon or fabric tied around the collar or shirt to create a small yet attractive loop. The ribbon or fabric is often made from silk, cotton, polyester or a combination of smooth fabrics.
Bow Ties

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More About Bow Tie

You don’t really need to wear bow ties all the time but when you do, make sure that you choose those that really suit you. have a wide collection of bow ties and Costume Accessories to choose from so you are not limited to formal ties but even funky ones. According to historical documents, the first bow ties were worn by Croatian mercenaries during the 17th century. The soldiers wear scarf around the neck to hold the opening of their neck together. Centuries later, the French adopted the bow tie and called it as a cravat that is the prototype of the modern bow tie that we now see today. Today, there are three types of bow ties that are available these days and these include clip-on, pre-tied, and self-tied. If you are new to using them, using the clip on or pre-tied bow tie is perfect since they can easily be put in without any problem. Bow ties are perhaps one of the most underrated accessories in any men’s closet. The thing is that they look very simple and small but even if this is the case, they add very strong statements in your entire suit. But didn’t you know that bow ties also come in different colors and designs? Yes, there are now a lot of designs and styles of bow ties that you can choose from so make sure that you choose those that will complement most of your outfit and also match your fashion style. But aside from bow ties, another wardrobe staple that you need is gloves. Gloves and Socks come in different styles and designs and while you wear them during the cold winter months, there are also gloves that you can wear on formal events like masquerade balls. If you are going to attend masquerade balls, you not only need gloves but Masks in order to complete your look. After all, a masquerade ball wouldn’t be called such if people don’t wear masks, right? But if attending formal parties is not your cup of tea, then you can still appear interesting in a party wearing Wig and Mustache so that you will be at the limelight during the party.