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Propeller Caps

Propeller hats are fun hats. Their monikers are based on the propellers attached on the caps so they really look hilarious. They are people-magnet, too. Wear them and people will not help themselves touch the propeller.
Propeller Caps

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More About Propeller Cap

When thinking back to their childhood, many can remember the desire to get their hands on a propeller hat. These hats capture the very essence of fun for children. Propeller hats are similar to the traditional style with a rounded dome shaped crown and a straight bill, although the thing that sets them apart is the propeller! They are the perfect gift for children and will surely bring smiles to everyone. It is hard to imagine someone not be pleased when seeing their child wear a Propeller hat. With origins dating back to the 1940’s these hats are still as fun and as stylish as ever. They can easily be paired with other clothing to make for great outfits. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to have fun with the clothes that we wear, and thanks to the genius design of Propeller hats, this fun is easier than ever! Propeller hats are called such because they come with propellers as embellishments. These fun hats are as interesting as other costume hats so be sure to wear one if you want to be the life of the party. Check our collection of propeller hats. Other types of fun hats are Crazy Hats. They come with bold and loud colors and designs so they are great eye-candies to any parties.

Funny hats are very popular these days but aside from crazy caps, you can never go wrong if you wear Fish Hats, Food Hats, or Sports Theme Hats. Just like propeller caps, they also come with whimsical embellishments and designs that make them pop-out from other types of hats.

But if funny hats are not your cup of tea, then there are subtle costume hats that you can wear. Why not go for educational hats and teach other people the customs and traditions of other culture by wearing Chinese Hats, Indian Hats, and Egyptian Hats. You can also wear other themed costume hats like Pith Helmet Hats, Rasta Hats, and Gothic Hats. There are too many choices that you can choose from.