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Pirate and Viking Hats

Many people show up as Vikings or pirates on Halloween. The pirate look is very popular in many costume parties so if you are going to dress up as a pirate or Viking, make sure that you dress your part by wearing pirate hats.
Pirate and Viking Hats

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More About Pirate, Viking Hat

Pirates and Vikings are characters that, to many people, remind them of adventure, travel, and riches. Have your own amusing experience and channel your inner adventure enthusiast with Pirate and Viking uniform hats. These apparel pieces are sure to add fun to anyone’s outfit, and are surely a great piece for any Pirate or Viking Halloween costume. These uniform hats come in more than one color and can be worn by any boy or girl, man or woman. Simply pair these with a large, airy white blouse, black baggy slacks, and heavy-duty black boots, and you are set to step out and portray a pirate. Wear this uniform hat at the next Halloween party or while trick-or-treating. Alternatively, one could wear this on a random day--it is sure to receive attention and stir up conversation. Be just like these heroes of the sea and of tales far and wide with Pirate and Viking Uniform and Hero Hats.

If you are planning to dress us up as one, make sure that you go the extra mile by wearing a convincing hat. Be sure to pick out a pirate or Viking hat that goes well with your outfit. But if you are looking for a similar uniform hat, you can also wear the Captain, Sailor Hats or Police Hats. These hats display authority thus they are the antithesis of Viking hats. Although this may be the case, they are perfect for any costume parties.

Aside from wearing these authoritarian uniform hats, you can also get a lot of attention if you wear character-inspired hats. There are several character hats that you can try and these include Mario Hats, Sherlock Holmes Hats and Robin Hood Hats. With these hats, people will definitely look towards your direction as they will recognize the character that you are portraying. But if you are looking for simple costume uniform hats that are functional, you can opt for Motorcycle Hats and Gypsy Hats. These hats are not only designed to be worn in costume parties but they are also very functional for everyday use.