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King Hat and Princess Headpiece

Royalty head pieces are very popular in many costume parties. There are head pieces that are perfect for kings, queens, princes, and princesses so you are bound to find the right one that matches your outfit.
King Hat and Princess Headpiece

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February 21 - February 25

More About King, Princess Hat

As young kids, some people dreamt of being a king or queen, prince or princess. Being royalty and having the power and majesty that comes with it is a nice idea. With king and princess costume pieces, one is able to live out their childhood--or even current--dream of being regal. Offering crowns and royal headbands and hats, people will feel just like royalty. One could wear this as the perfect piece to their royal-related Halloween costume or even as a fun addition to their everyday outfit. Flower crowns are especially trendy in today’s fashion, so wearing one would mean being updated on current styles, add flair to attire, and feeling like a princess all at the same time. King and princess uniform hats fit comfortably on the head of the wearer and also come in multiple colors, tailoring to the taste of any royalty. Be the hero of your kingdom with king and princess Uniform and Hero Hats.

If you are planning to look like a damsel in distress, then you came to the right place. Here at, we have a lot of choices of princess hats to choose from. Our collection also includes other types of royalty hats to fit your regal costumes. The princess hats come with a lot of embellishments from faux jewelry to lush fabrics. But aside from princess hats, there are other interesting head pieces that you can wear to match your costume and these include Gypsy Hats and Biker, Motorcycle Hats. These hats feature a lot of embellishments that will truly make the hat stand out.

Embellished costume hats are great but there are other hats that you can wear that are equally interesting. Why not try Military Hats and Captain, Sailor Hats? These hats may be simple but they are very popular during Halloween or other themed parties so you can never go wrong wearing them. But if you want to turn all heads in the party, you can never go wrong with wearing character-inspired hats. You can opt for Dr. Seuss Hats or Waldo Hats. These iconic hats are very popular and people are familiar with them so you don’t need to explain who you are.