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Ladies Headpieces and Facinators

There are many hair accessories and head pieces that are designed for women. But if you want to use those that come with timeless appeal, you can never go wrong with a head clip. Our head clips come with different designs and styles.
Ladies Headpieces and Facinators

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More About Head Clip

Also called barrettes, head clips, are lovely alternatives to bobby pins and Band and Warmer. They are made from metal or plastic and they are often decorated with fabrics, ribbons, and small gems. To hold the hair in place, head clips come with clasps to secure it in place. The clasp opens when the pieces at either side of the clips are pressed together. Head clips are worn in different ways depending on their size. In most cases, the smaller ones are clipped on the front or side of the head while larger ones are used to hold more hair at the back. Thus, they are used to keep hair out of the eyes or to secure a ponytail, bun or French twist. With a head clip, you can create different types of hairstyle with only a few clips.

Today, there are different styles of Women's Hair Bands that are available in the market and these include alligator clips, butterfly clips, and bobby pins to name a few. Whether you have a short bob or a long flowing mane, hair clips are great accessories for your head. Wearing them can make you look youthfully pretty. Here at, we have a wide collection of air clips that will complement your personality. Get as many head clips as you can so that you have one that you can wear every day. While head clips are great worn on any day including ordinary days, you need something more elegant and sophisticated especially if you are going to attend a formal and dressier affair. For this kind of event, you need Hair Clips. These hats have a dressier look on them as they are decorated with gems, flowers, feathers, and other trinkets imaginable.

But if fascinator hats and head clips are not your thing as you are athletic, you can opt for athletic Band and Warmer. Other accessories that you can try that are as fashionable as head clips include Ear Muffs, Leg Bands, and Neck Bands.