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Floppy & Dressy Wide Brim Hats - Paper

Is your outfit beach-ready? If not, then you need Floppy Wide Brim Hats. Bucket hats are perfect beach hats for ladies. Not only do they look very posh and dressy, they are also lightweight and provide ultimate protection against heat and the sun.
Floppy & Dressy Wide Brim Hats - Paper

More About Wide Brim Hat

Complete your beach outfit with these Floppy Wide Brim Dressy Hats. With a wide brim, these Floppy Hats are made to protect the wearer from the sun’s rays. The loose shape of the brim gives off casual, fun-feeling vibes, only further emphasizing how perfect it is to wear the hat in the outdoors on a sunny day. Comfortable and lightweight, these Floppy Wide Brim Hats are made of straw and other airy material, favorable for anyone looking for the optimal summer hat. These Bucket and Dressy Hats are not only functional; they are fashionable and trendy, as floppy hats are becoming more popular in both warmer and cooler seasons. Floppy Wide Brim Hats come in different colors and styles, allowing the wearer to pick and choose which hat best suits their taste and will add the best accent to their outfit. Throw this hat on before you head out the door or pack it in your beach bag.

Hats with floppy wide brims are very practical as they provide extra protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Aside from functionality, Floppy Wide Brim Hats are also fashionable and you can use them if you are invited to any fancy events. Look stunning in your swimsuit with these dressy Dress Hats. Made from 100% straw, they are very comfortable and lightweight. Aside from looking very elegant, these hats also cool the head. With its many perforations, air can easily circulate around your head with this hat.

If you are going to be under the direct heat of the sun for a long time, you need the right protection for your head. This Dressy Hats is made from a combination of paper straw and polyester. What makes it great is that it has a UPF50+ protection thus keeping your head safe even if you are strolling under afternoon heat. But if it is just minimal protection that you need, you can never go wrong with the Toyo Braid Sun Hat. Wear it during the late afternoon to complement your attire without worrying too much about protection.