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Cadet and Berets

Cadet and Beret Caps are stylish as they can complement different fashion styles. They are great worn with jeans, suits and even skirt. Their unisex appeal makes them popular among all sexes. Browse through our collection of berets from our site.
Cadet and Berets

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More About Cadet & Beret Hat

Beret and cadet hats, also called flat hats, are soft and round hats that are made from various materials like crocheted cotton, wool, felt, and acrylic fiber. Production of beret and cadet hats started during the 19th century as part of the military uniform of French and Spanish soldiers. But the origins of cadet and beret hats date back longer than the 19th century. On the other hand, beret hats became long-standing stereotypical hats worn by intellectuals, poets, and artists. Famous personalities who wore berets include composer Richard Wagner, jazz musician Gene Krupa, and painter Rembrandt. Today, Cadets and Berets are worn by everyone.

These hats are designed to snugly fit around your crow and it usually comes with a sweatband or headband that absorbs sweat thus making them not only stylish but also functional. While cadet and beret hats are originally designed for the members of the militia, they are now becoming popular headwear and accessories for people from all walks of life. The Army Berets are making a comeback these days. They are very popular among different types of people as they are stylish and fashion-savvy pieces of headwear. Look very sophisticated with our selection of Cadet Fitted Cap. We have a wide design of beret hats from sequined, patterned and knitted ones. In our collection, we definitely have the right design that meets your fancy.

But if it is a simple beret hat that you are looking for that are as functional as ball caps, you can opt for the Jeep Style Cap. They come with adjustable back so you can adjust the fit of your cap so that it stays in place even if there is too much movement that can knock off your cap. But if it’s a cap with a more secure fit that you are looking for, the Beret, Tam Hats is for you. It allows you to securely fit the cap on your head. Aside from being secure, this particular type of hat also provides added protection because it shields your face against the rays of the sun.