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Bowler and Top Hats for Vintage & New Styles

Bowler hats are one of the fanciest styles of hats ever. Traditionally for men, there are now modern fedora hats that are designed for women. In fact, there are now many styles and designs of bowler hats that will complement your fashion style.
Bowler and Top Hats for Vintage & New Styles
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More About Bowler, Derby, Top Hat

Many people long to experience living in a time different than their own. While physically living in a different time is not yet possible, the clothes we wear can take us back to a specific time. This is the case with Bowler, Derby, Fedoras, and Top hats. The origin of these hats dates back all the way to the 1800’s. Bowler, Derby, and Top hats are a nice change of pace from the hats that are present in today’s time. Bowler and Derby hats are made with a much rounder finish. Often times they are created using felt or wool, with a large band wrapping around the hat. Top hats are known for their high-rising, indented crown. Although these hats were made popular far before other hats, they are still able to be worn today when going for an old-fashioned or vintage outfit. These hats are a perfect way to capture the magic that is found in the past.

What comes to mind when you hear the word Fancy Hats? Thinking of Bowler, Derby and Top Hats? Considered as Fancy Hats, they provide a classic iconic look that transports you back to old Hollywood style that is full of sophistication. If its Classic Bowler Hats you are looking for, you can opt for the Stingy Brim Hats. This bowler has a sleek and hard structure that is softened by the bow accent. This bowler hat is perfect for anyone looking for a hat that will complement most of their wardrobe.

Another design for the bowler hats is the Solid Wool Felt Hat. Made from 100% wool, this hat features larger perforations thus providing a balance in terms of air being circulated all over your head. This hat will surely make you feel comfortable all throughout the day. But if it is a hat that makes a lot of statement you are looking for, why not try the Pork Pie Fedoras? This hat looks very fancy and professional and we have over a hundred of designs and style to choose from.