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Cabbie Hats

Newsboy and Ivy Hats were once worn by cabbie drivers but this does not mean that they are only limited for one particular occupation. Today, they can be worn by everyone, in any occupation because of their stylish and practical design.
Cabbie Hats

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More About Cabbie Hat

Cabbie hats, as the moniker implies, are worn mostly by cabbie drivers. They became really popular during the 1920’s and before the pre-war area. Cabbie Hats are made from different materials and they are available in leather, cotton, tweed, and corduroy. There are also cabbie hats that are made from crocheted wool for added unique look. It is a favorite headwear of cabbie drivers because it does not come with a stiff crown that can bump into the car roof so they don’t need to take them off while driving the car, hence the name. Although they are worn by cabbie drivers in the past, there has been a revival of cabbie hats these days thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and the Prince of Wales. The popularity of cabbie hats provides a timeless and classic appeal thus they can be worn with casual clothes and even with formal suit and tie.

Famous for its vintage style, Cabbie Hats have survived different style periods, making them timeless pieces of headwear. Not only stylish, they are also very comfortable to wear. Be sure to sift thru our Cabbie Hats, pick one that suits you. Choose from a variety of hats that will complement your fashion sense. If you love wearing classic cabbie caps, then the Poor Boy Newsboy, Ivy Hats is for you. The design is similar to the traditional Cabbie Caps that you see in old films. This particular design is very timeless as it is sophisticated. Wear it with your casual wear but you can also use it to accent semi-formal clothes.

Cabbie Caps are not only designed for men. In fact, they are also designed for women. Try the Women’s 6 Panel Cabbie Hatsadorned with flower and bead accents. They look great worn with a simple coat during the rainy season.While Cabbie Caps are worn during cold weather, you can also wear them during summer depending on their construction and material. The Straw Gatsby Hats with its construction makes it very comfortable and lightweight.