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Sun Visors and Visor Hats

Whether you are playing a sport, gardening, walking or outdoor activity in the sun, a sun visor can keep you wonderfully cool. Our visor hats are the best lightweight head wear. Browse our diverse styles and colors of visor hats here.
Sun Visors and Visor Hats

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More About Visor Hat

With the sun providing people with essential light and heat are required to live, it is hard to believe that it can also cause lots of damage. The visor is a type of hat created to protect people from the harsh rays of the sun. Unlike traditional hats, the visor sticks out to cover the eyes and face wraps around the head in a band-like fashion, leaving the top of the head uncovered. This design allows for air to reach the top of the head while at the same time keeping the eyes protected and shaded. Visors are worn by people from all walks of life. They are used by athletes worldwide, but also have a place in the outfits of everyday people. Their practical design is what sets them apart from other hats. It also lets people who normally could not wear a hat due to having a lot of hair, an option that they otherwise would not have.

What is a visor hat? It’s simply a hat without a crown. It consists only of a strap going around the head and the brim or the visor to shade the eyes from the sun. Commonly visor hats are worn for outdoor sports as the band also serves as a sweatband. Lately, however, more and more non-athletes are using visor hats as a fashion statement. What’s nice about the various visor hats found in this site is that you can choose from a headband style, which is a Clip On Visor that’s easy to put on. Another option is the String Visor which has a strap that goes around the head.

Add protection, you can go for wrap, roll up visor which is perfect for a day at the beach. There are also varieties of Wide Brim Visor that’s just right for your gardening activities. A visor hat can be the perfect companion if you are looking for something to protect yourself from the sun’s heat. A wide brim visor is perfect for gardening, while a roll up visor is more appealing for beach use. Go grab one now!