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Clip On Visor for Sports & Leisure

Clip on Visors are easy to wear. They don’t give you any discomfort because they are made from lightweight materials. They also adjust automatically to the size of your head and do not require any manipulation. Simply put, they are the types of hats that
Clip On Visor for Sports & Leisure
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More About Clip On Visor

Feeling the sun’s harsh rays burn down on your skin is not a nice feeling. Clip on Visors make this problem disappear. Unlike the typical visor, these clip-on visors feature a wider and longer bill while keeping true to the short brim surrounding the head. Clip on Visors allow for shade to be on the eyes and face without obstructing the vision of the user and without having to worry about hair not fitting within the hat itself. Clip on Visors are attractive to people searching for an effective and good-looking visor. Several designs allow for a visor that best suits the taste of the person. These designs range from clip on visors that are made of straw, offer UV 50+ protection, or even a slimmer, simpler plain color. The bottom line is that there is a Clip On Visor that will suit the needs of anyone who is looking to buy one.

Clip on Visors are very comfortable to wear. With their lightweight structure and clip on closure, it is a favorite visor for people who play golf, tennis, and beach volleyball. Browse our collection of clip on visors for the perfect one. For that classic look, you can wear the Nylon Clip On Visors when doing any outdoor activities. They come in classic colors like red, white, and black. You can wear them in the beach or when playing tennis or golf. Now if it is fashion that you have in mind, the Patterned Strap Visor is for you. You can use it either as a visor or cap thus adding more life and functionality to your hat. It also comes with a sweatband so it absorbs everything on your forehead making you mess and sweat-free all throughout the day.

For a more natural look, why not try the String Visor? It is best when worn if you are going to spend the day in the beach. The Straw and string backed Visor works with the natural elements around you while providing you sun protection.