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There are different types of head wraps that that are available for you to choose from. Head wraps can be anything from biker hats, turbans, bandannas, skull caps, and helmet liners to name a few. With many choices, you can find the wrap that is perfect f

More About Wrap

Wraps are fabric head wear that cover the entire or majority of a person’s hair. Often made of thin material, wraps can be tied to secure based on the desires of the wearer. A Headwrap come in a variety of forms, including durags, wig caps, bandanas, and turbans. Wraps have long served different purposes—for religious or social significance to fashion statement or to hide baldness. A very common use of the headwraps is to cover the hair as durags help hold wavy hairstyles; the wrap can even be used to cover up a bad hair day. Often times the wrap can be worn under a hat, adding a layer of protection and warmth. Wraps come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors, tailoring to the different personal styles and needs of its user. The wrap also is made of an array of various materials, also accommodating a variety of needs.

These fabrics may be polyester, cotton, spandex, or other material. The wrap is an iconic but functional accessory piece, sure to add a component of fun and complete any outfit. Bandannas provide warmth and protection to our heads. If wearing hats is not your cup of tea, you can always wear head wraps. Head wraps come in different styles and designs which include helmet liners, biker wraps, and paisley turbans to name a few. Check our site to find the one that fits your style.

While head wraps and Skull Caps are great, it is important to take note that they can be worn with hats. In fact, most people wear them underneath their main hat or headwear. Straw Fedora Hats pair perfectly well with head wraps. The best thing about straw fedora hats is that they look neutral as they are made from straw. When worn with head wraps, fedora hats can look very cool and updated. But if you want to wear a hat that is as lightweight as head wraps, you can never go wrong with Plain Short Beanie Hats. Made from knitted thread, beanie hats provide proper air circulation to the head and scalp thus keeping you cool and comfortable all year round.