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Turban Headdress

There is so much history to Turban Hats. Originally, they are worn as a part of a religious and social identification. In the past, only people from the higher ranks of society are able to wear colorful turbans. Now, anybody can wear turbans!
Turban Headdress

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More About Turban

Turbans are types of Head Wraps that are worn by winding a cloth around the head. There is a long history involved in terms of wearing turbans. In fact, archaeological findings revealed that the earliest Indian civilizations were the first to wear turbans. This headwear are staple apparels for men from various countries in South Asia, North Africa, and Middle East. Because of their affinity for religion, turbans are often dubbed as holy headwear. Wearing one is very common among the Sikhs and Shia Muslims. But aside from religion, turbans are also worn by the nobility. In fact, the higher rank a person has in society, the more exquisite their turbans are. The thing is that turbans gives a clue on the status of a particular individual in society without saying anything at all.

While turbans are very traditional types of head wraps, it is important to take note that modern-day turbans are also worn by women especially those who are following cancer treatments. Turbans are considered as holy hats thus they deserve a lot of respect. But while turban hats have a serious history behind them, modern turban hats can now be worn by both men and women. Choose from our wide variety of Turban Headwrap online. Today, almost anyone can wear turban hats as part of their fashion style and they are no longer reserved for men. There are many styles and designs of colorful turban hats that you can choose from. Turbans are great worn with posh casual to formal clothes.

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