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UV 4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat-Khaki

UV 4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat-Khaki

Product Review (submitted on August 24, 2012):
I admit that I hesitated before purchasing this hat, as it seemed a little "over the top" as sunhats go, but I'm so glad that I ordered two -- one for my husband and one for myself!

This replaces my husband's flap hat with a baseball cap brim, and is far superior in comfort, sun protection, moisture-wicking ability and ventilation, and it helps him stay cool under the sun whether he is doing roof work, exterior prep and painting, gardening, fishing or other outdoor activities.

I wore mine for the first time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit and how comfortable it was. The sweatband is very soft and does not leave a mark. It is so much better than a straw sunhat, and bees and wasps are not attracted to the khaki color at all. The ventilation was excellent and it kept me cool in the hot sun, and the flap and wide brim allowed me to be out in the sun much longer. I even wore it when I went out to run errands, and two people asked me where I got the cool hat. Two other people gave me a wide berth and anxious glances as I walked past them on the street (it's the hat, folks :D) and as an old white lady it made me giggle to know that I was no longer "invisible" to them! Too funny. I definitely would not wear it to the courthouse, bank or church, though. Maybe the Social Security office. :D

Seriously, though, we live in a windy coastal town, and I appreciate the cord and clip, as does my husband. Losing a sunhat while boating or fishing can have consequences of the sunburn kind.

Hands down, this hat is my all time favorite. Over more than half a century I have purchased and received many hats... they seem to wander in and out of my life like cats and humans tend to do, but this one is definitely a keeper. So if you are looking for a great sunhat, don't hesitate! This is The One!

As stated in the description, the hat is labeled 100% polyester (not nylon, as one reviewer believed), and therefore should not be sprayed with certain mosquito repellents, such as "OFF" brand products. (According to the label, OFF will not damage cotton, wool or nylon; it should not be sprayed on synthetics other than nylon.) However, because the hat brim is stiff and wide, I believe it would be easy to add mosquito netting if desired.