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Labor Day Sale 2021

How long can summer possibly last? Temperatures are up, and we have now slid into the so called “dog days.” We here at the offices of have been lazily lounging about, fanning ourselves and drinking cold iced tea as we wait for the heat wave to pass by. But there is a bit of hope and excitement on the horizon in the form of Labor Day weekend. This is a special day we set aside to honor the men and woman who have helped to build our society. It is also a great excuse for a party and a sign that summer will soon be winding down—with the welcome coolness of fall not too far in the distance.

To celebrate, we are getting ready to hold our annual Labor Day Sale, during which we slash prices across the board by 20%. No coupon code necessary, simply checkout between Aug 21-27 and you’ll get the savings on our entire catalogue. Let’s check out the Labor Day fashion, shall we? You can still wear white after the big day, as far as we are concerned. We will never tell.

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Hats for a Barbeque

Labor Day is an iconic occasion for ribs, burgers, hotdogs, you name it. If it comes off the grill, early September is a time when you are certain to smell its delicious aroma wafting on the summer breeze. In order to deck you out for these occasions, we have a bunch of lightweight, yet protective hats that are stylish and breathable. Check out visors, cowboy hats, doo rags and more, all 20% off during the big sale.

Hats for the Beach

Long three-day weekends are a wonderful time to bask in the sun and sand that your local beach surely affords. However, a trip to the seaside can be ruined by a lack of planning and forethought. You’ll want to take a look at wide, floppy-brimmed hats, particularly those made out of straw or some other lightweight material. Our Labor Day Sale is the perfect time to stock up!

Hats for the Outdoors

Late summer is a great time to be a sportsman. The woods are warm and deep, and the rivers and lakes are full and teeming with fish for those brave enough to fight the heat and the mosquitoes. That’s, of course, where we come in, here to help set you up with that rugged outdoor hat that will make your trip pleasant and fun. After all, that’s the point! Check out our thick, durable bucket hats and other assorted camo and hunting gear in time for the coming fall!

However you decide to tweak your wardrobe this Labor Day, make sure you take some time during your adventurous three day weakened to give thanks to all of the labor that went into making our civilization what it is today. Countless hands have toiled to bring us comfort and security, and it is only right that we honor all that labor. So, a very Happy Labor Day from all of us here at

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