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Outdoor / Western Hat

Oversized Cowboy Wide Brim Straw Hat
$54.00 CAD
Solid Color Straw Cowboy Hat
$52.00 CAD
7 Inch Brim Light Straw Hat
$56.00 CAD
Palm Braid Ranchero Cowboy Hat
$73.00 CAD
Camouflage Washed Hunting Hat
$40.00 CAD
Fishing Hat (02)
Starting at $34.00 CAD
Washed Hunting Hats
Starting at $39.00 CAD
UV 50+ Side Mesh Talson Bucket Hat
Starting at $48.00 CAD
Pith Helmet Twisted Toyo with Flower Ribbon
$67.00 CAD
Men's Palm Braid Gambler Hat
$64.00 CAD
Fishing Hat (01)
Starting at $37.00 CAD
New Gambler Straw Hats
$51.00 CAD
Straw Cowboy Hat
$35.00 CAD
Outback Toyo Cowboy Hat
$51.00 CAD
UV 50+ Talson UV Bucket Hat
$48.00 CAD
UV 50+ Orange Piping Talson Sun Bucket Hat
$52.00 CAD
Mexican Style Wide Brim Safari Hat
$51.00 CAD
Men's Palm Braid Safari Hat
$64.00 CAD
Men's Crushed Safari Straw Hat
$44.00 CAD
Safe Guard Straw Hat
$43.00 CAD
Sea Grass Straw Gambler Hat
$47.00 CAD
Canvas Fisherman Hat
$54.00 CAD
UPF 50+ Cotton Paper Braid Kettle Brim Hat
$66.00 CAD
UPF 50+ Women's Slanted Brim Cloche
$60.00 CAD
UPF 50+ Oil Cloth Safari Hat with Leather Trim
$45.00 CAD $113.00 CAD -60%Sold out
Men's Wool Felt Large Brim Fedora
$96.00 CAD