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Waist & Full Length Aprons

People think that aprons belong in the kitchen. But what most people do not know is that apron can be used in many ways. Aprons are designed to prevent stains and dirt from adhering to your attire. So, keep mess away by wearing aprons!
Waist & Full Length Aprons

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February 21 - February 25

More About Apron

Aprons are accessories that are worn at the front of the body. They are worn not only for practical reasons but also for decorative and ritualistic functions. The word apron comes from the French word naperon, which means “a small tablecloth.” During the earlier times, aprons were worn not only to protect the main garment from being stained but it also indicated the status of the wearer. Aprons have been depicted in different civilizations and periods. From ancient Crete, Egyptian pharaohs, to European artisans during the Middle Ages as well as homemakers during the 19th century, aprons have always been important.

They are made from different materials like linen, cotton, canvas, muslin, leather, rubber, and many others. While aprons were first used to provide a sort of protection to the main dress, they became important fashion statements during the 16th century thus Towels and Aprons were embellished with embroidery and other decorations. Today, aprons are very basic but they still provide the same reliability you get from earlier archetypes of aprons. Not only can you wear them in the kitchen while cooking your food but they are also very versatile as you can wear them while cleaning your house or even painting your walls. Be sure to get one for your home.

While it is common to see people working in the kitchen wear aprons, anyone who do not want to stain their clothes can wear them. Aprons can be worn by painters, childcare workers, housekeepers, and just about anyone. A good companion for aprons are Hand Towels. Use hand towels not only to wipe your hands clean and dry but to also to wipe stains that adhered on your body, apron, and shirt. Make sure that you get as many hand towels as possible for such purpose. Speaking of towels, you can also use Beach Towels and even Blankets if as a makeshift apron. But make sure that you do get one so that you don’t waste quality beach towels and blankets over stains. Here at, we have a wide collection of aprons with different styles and designs. Make sure that you get two so that you have an extra in case the one you are using is heavily soiled.