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e4Hats Reviews

Based on 4194 reviews
love this hat! bought 2 more!

Finally!!! a nice fitting hat that is super warm! all these 'beanies' are too small for most people! but these fleece hats are just perfect! I bought a total of 3 and have coworkers who are also going to purchase them now!!

Good Quality and Good Price

I really like the hat. I fly fish, so the green cap with the fly is wonderful.

good quality

Nice hat, a little pricey

exactly what i was looking for!

I spent hours looking for a fleece hat that actually fit my head. I wanted something bigger that could roll down the back of my neck and something that was really warm. I LOVE MY XL FLEECE HAT!! It is beyond my expectations! The hat is a little spendy for just some fleece fabric but since it was exactly what i was looking for, i bought 3 of them!!!! I bought the first one and was so impressed that i bought 2 more and my coworkers are buying these hats now! They are so cute!!

Love the Hat!!

My dermatologist kept telling me to wear a wide brimmed hat but I couldn't find one I liked until I saw an ad for this one. I love it! It fits perfectly and it is on my head when I walk my dog every day. Thank you!

Love the bill

I really like this hat with the long bill. The hat has form and the extended bill protects my face from the sun. The hat is a comfortable it and looks good. I hope to buy a couple more in different colors for friends and, perhaps, for myself.


i been looking for this kind of hat an you had it. love showing it off .
.someone said it cost 100 dollars tomake

Excellent !!

Excellent quality, prompt shipping. Perfect, just perfect...Thank you
ET2 USCG 1971-1975

Just what I needed

A great hat that provides lots of sun protection and has plenty of ventilation. I run hot and most hats leave me with a bunch of sweaty hair.

4-stars on value because these really need a cord lock. I was able to scavenge one from something else which made it much easier to tighten for windy conditions.

All 5 stars

Absoluty the best baseball hat ever.

Nice Design, Way Too Big!!

The hat is nicely designed, but it looks like an umbrella on your head. The overall size should be reduced.

Wide Brim Ladies Linen Hat

I love this hat! I got the pink in a 2X because the black is out of stock. It fits perfect. I already have a big head and big hair so its great. But I really want the black. When are you going to restock???

Good fitting, good embroidery


Nice Hat

When I need another hat, I will check yours out again.


Another unique addition to my growing wardrobe! I LOVE my hats! Rarely do I wear one but when I do- I top myself off proper!

Nothing more dapper than a well dressed gentleman!


Nice product

Top quality hat.
Thank you for free shipping

The cap is excellent!

I bought the first one, (tan), and was impressed!
Few days later I bought the black model!

They both are the perfect addition to my wardrobe!!

I love your selection of brims!!

Washed Natural Fit Cap
Color in picutres is inaccurate

The Navy hat is a lot closer to Royal Blue than Navy... Definitely lighter than the pictures portray, and not really the color I was looking for. I wanted Padres blue (circa 2010) and got Cubs blue.

I was going to return it, but when I looked into the return policy, it turns out I'll be paying over half the item's value just to ship it back. Not worth it. So now I'm stuck with a hat...


These hats are great!!

Power blue hat. 7/1/8 size

Power blue. White base blue ribbon. Size. 7(1/8)

Terrific hat

This hat looks great, plenty of shade. As far as fit, my head is 23.25 inches (7 3/8- 7.5) (59cm), the hat is a tiny bit snug but very comfortable.


My husband loves these hats. Need to make it in black!!!!!

Pleasant surprise

Thought this hat had the potential to be kinda weird and mushroom-y, but was pleasantly surprised. It looks great and the quality is high relative to price.

Good to great

Thoroughly accommodates the big heads but doesn't look comical and can be worn by people with medium-big heads. The bill and overall dimensions are perfect in my opinion. Maybe a bit too pricey for the quality but still fair. The main issue is with shipping - they just throw em in plastic mailers so they arrive kinda frumpy from that, but that can be shaped out. They are folded and that crease never really goes away - that's the main issue. Still good tho

Oversized Cowboy Hat

One of the lovely ladies on an online dating site that I subscribe to commented that I looked like a big old biker Mexican Hombre, I love it !!!