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Pith Helmet Hats

Pith helmets have been around for a long time. They have been popularized during the late 18th century. They are mostly worn by many great explorers and adventurers in the past. Like modern helmets, they provide protection because of their hard structure.
Pith Helmet Hats

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More About Pith Helmet

What was once worn by brave adventurers in the past is now available for anyone to have. Pith Helmets while once serving as protection from the harshness of the outdoors is now widely recognized as a costume hat. They are the perfect Theme Hat for Halloween or any other get together where costumes are a must. Pith Helmets are a uniquely designed hat with a large dome shaped crown with a bill wrapping around the outside of the head. These Theme Costume Hats can also be seen sporting an adjustable strap in order to fit most people. What makes Pith Helmets different is the amazing background stories of adventurers who once owned these hats. It is impossible to not feel the adventure surging from your body when you throw one this Theme Hat. While some will not see the beauty behind these Helmets, with one closer examination it is easy to tell why so many people love Pith Helmets.

Look just like a seasoned hunter and explorer in the early centuries with pith helmets. You can wear them for any themed events that you are planning to attend. Here at, we have a great selection of pith hats to suit your needs. Today, however, they are mostly worn as part of a costume for Halloween or performance plays. But there are other types of costume hats that you can try aside from the pith hats. If you are looking for hats so that you can look like different tribes from all over the world, then you can never go wrong with Rasta Hats, Hawaiian Hats, Indian Theme Hats, and Egyptian Hats to name a few. These hats will definitely make you look very much like the personalities that you are going to portray.

But if you just want to dress simply for a costume party, why not try whimsical hats? Examples of funny hats include Crazy Caps, Propeller Caps, Animal Hats, and Drink & Food Theme. These hats come with crazy designs but they will surely make everyone smile because of their designs.