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Captain and Greek Sailor Hats

Dressing up as a captain or sailor in a costume party is very common. In fact, people just love to wear the white pristine uniform and sailor hat. If you love wearing uniform costumes to a costume party, then there are other options that you can try.
Captain and Greek Sailor Hats

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February 21 - February 25

More About Captain, Sailor Hat

Who said heroes need super powers? This is NOT true and can be seen in our everyday Policemen and women as well as Chauffeurs. These everyday heroes keep our towns safe and free of crime without the need of fancy gadgets, heat vision, or flying. They keep dangerous people off the streets and remind us that anyone can become a hero if they put their mind to it. These Police and Chauffeur hats are often found in a sleek black color making them the perfect candidate for costume parties and get togethers. Children and adults alike will marvel in the joy felt from owning these Uniform and Hero Hats in their wardrobes as it gives them a taste of what it feels like to be a real-life superhero. Chauffeurs often times do not receive the recognition they deserve for driving people around. The streets are not the safest place and it takes courage to base your profession on them.

Our police hats are made from different materials from vinyl, plastic, or cotton so you are bound to find the right one that will complement your costume. Aside from dressing up as a police officer, other common costume hats people wear include Mario, Luigi Hats, Princess Hats, and Clown Hats. These hats may be common but people love to wear them just the same because they are fool-proof.

Dressing up in unique costume hats is very important especially if you want people to talk about your outfit. You can dress up wearing character-inspired hats such as the Waldo Hats, Dr. Seuss Hats, and Sherlock Holmes Hats. These hats will definitely remove the guesswork on the type of costume that you are wearing. But if you are looking for simple costume uniform hats, you can opt for the simple Chef Hats, Military Hats, and Nurse Hats. These hats look very simple but they are functional. Not only can you wear them as part of your costume but you can actually wear them if you work in any of these industries.