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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

If you are lucky, you are probably stuffed full of turkey and cranberry dressing right now, likely lounged out with family and friends, getting ready to catch a football game or share that convivial glass of wine. Thanksgiving sure is great. But remember, the day after Thanksgiving has become its own sort of jamboree over the years. That’s right! Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are nearly upon us here in the old US of A.

That can only mean one thing: massive sales! But there is no need to form a line and camp out when it comes to getting your winter fashion sorted out. Just hit up your friends here at the internet’s leading hat department,! Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale starts now. From November 22nd through the 27th, you can carve a healthy discount of 30% off of all orders. Just use offer code e4Hats30 to get in on the action. All without leaving the turkey-scented comfort of home and hearth!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday - Knit Beanies

Black Friday might as well be called “Frosty Friday” for all the chills this time of year inevitably brings. Whether or not you are sat outside in a long line of consumers, you want to make sure to stock up on insulation. The knit beanie is the perfect high-quality solution to all your cold-weather needs.

Black Friday - Bucket Hats

The outdoor fun doesn’t stop just because it is Black Friday, and the gift-giving season is just right around the corner. Why not pick up a bucket hat for the sportsman in your life? These rugged, durable hats, sometimes known as “Fishermen’s Hats”, are straight out of central casting.

Black Friday - NASA Hats

Do you need a special occasion like a Black Friday sale to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos? We certainly didn’t think so. There is a lot of room up there in the great vastness of space, and now you can show your support and devotion to the men and women who probe it. Our galactic collection of NASA hats is out of this world! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Black Friday - Animal Beanies for Kids

What could be better than to hear a knock at your door this weekend, while you are still cozy in your socks by the fire? What’s this? It is a package from The kiddos come running down the stairs, and before they know it they are dressed in animal beanies! We’ve got all creatures great and small to make those young ones darling and warm this Black Friday Sale. Check out our menagerie!

Be sure that you don’t get sucked into the massive, elbowing crowds that are sure to descend on every box store near you this Black Friday Sale. Shop the smart way! Save big with just the click of a button and have your heart’s desire sent directly to your home. No fuss, no muss this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Just head on over to and browse, shop, and save. And look for our upcoming Christmas selection, coming soon to your laptop!

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