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Early Cinco de Mayo Styled Hats

Cinco de Mayo, or May the Fifth, has grown beyond its humble roots and is now a celebration of all things Latin American. Whether you hail from south of the border or not, this festival is a beautiful and unique expression of an ancient culture, and it gives us all a lot of reason to celebrate. Although it started as a remembrance of a Mexican military victory, the day now equates to margaritas and tacos more than anything else, at least here in the states. And while that delicioso cuisine is what you might remember most, don’t forget that there is quite a fashionable aspect to the holiday as well. Now is your chance to get your Early Cinco de Mayo styled hats. As garish and loud as the holiday itself! Check out what we have in store for the coming May Fifth (tequila sold separately).

Cinco de Mayo Styled Hats

Check out our selected Cinco De Mayo Styled Hats

Cinco De Mayo Patch

We love custom embroidered hats for Cinco De Mayo, and now you can style any garment, bag, or accessory with a bit of Mexican spice! Colorful and decorative, this patch will have you as feisty as a jumping bean for the May 5th celebration. Come on down and check them out amigo!

Tequila hats

Having a bit of the old agave come May 5th is a time-honored tradition. While we advise you to drink responsibly, there is no reason to be responsible in your headwear! With tequila Cinco de Mayo styled hats, you can be the life of the party without risking one of those infamous tequila hangovers. Life is just like a bottle of tequila, after all. So eat the worm and grab a hat from your friendly hat suppliers here at!


The sombrero is a classic symbol of Mexico. Wide-brimmed to be protective against the sun, and often made from an extremely lightweight material, this emblematic Cinco de Mayo styled hats have its place all year round, particularly in warm, sunny climates. A definite fashion statement, the sombrero may be said to be larger than life! But as it embodies the spirit of an entire country, it is appropriate that it should be so grand and substantial! Head on down and check them out!

Novelty Hats

Cinco de Mayo is as much about lighthearted fun and frivolity as it is anything else. So why not try a bit of the fiesta lifestyle with a cute novelty hat from your amigos here at Whatever costume you can dream up for the big day, chances are we can help you make it a reality. Check out our weird and wacky collection of Cinco de Mayo styled hats today!

However you plan to spend this special day, make sure to give some thought to our brothers and sisters south of the border. Between the spicy food, great music, and beautiful scenery, Mexico is worthy of celebration! Might as well grab a piñata and join the fun this May 5th!

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