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Express Yourself: American Flag

4th of July Fun in the Sun usa-598261_640 The time is upon us to load up on watermelons and beer, crack off some fireworks and fire up the barbeque. That’s right, it’s the season to celebrate the birth of our nation with sparklers, swim trunks, and that smell of freshly cut summer grass so evocative of July. But while you’re marinating the baby back ribs, icing down the cooler, and spending way too much on fireworks, make sure you take some time to shop for a stylish hat to commemorate the occasion!
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  1 American Flag Hats What better way to show your love of nation than by wearing the emblem of the Stars and Stripes on your head. This symbol of our country has long been evocative of the pride felt by Americans, and with our wide selection of flag hats, you can display your support with style and grace. Check out our flag head wraps for that patriotic look that will have your friends and family saluting.
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  Baseball caps There are only few things more American than the good old fashioned baseball cap. This symbol of US casual wear is as functional as it is stylish. The folded front brim keeps the sun out of your eyes, and allows you to proudly display whatever is important to you- a sports team, a “world’s best dad” emblem, or even the grand old Stars and Stripes. At e4Hats, you can find an amazing selection of this American staple, including caps with sequins for the ladies.  
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  Visors Another piece of Americana is the visor. Just a cap with the top cut off, visors are generally worn by active types- golfers, fishermen, or barbeque-ers who want shade without the sweaty scalp that some full caps might cause. Our selection ranges from opaque gardening hats for those in the watermelon patch, to brushed cotton khaki visors for the day out on the lake. Check out the wide range of visors at and be cool and collected however you decide to spend your 4th.
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  Novelty Hats Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family when you show up to grill the burgers dressed like Uncle Sam. This personification of our national ethos is tall, bearded, and loves to sport a star spangled banner top hat as he points his finger at the able-bodied young men of our country. Or, if you are feeling a bit more feminine, why not sport a hat in the spiky style of Lady Liberty herself. There are an assortment of wacky novelty hats and accessories available for your annual July celebration, so check them out and have some fun. election-613132_640 While the 4th is a great time to have a beer and a picnic with those who you hold dear, let us not forget the solemn occasion of the birth of our nation. Those revolutionary patriots and forefathers who saw to it that our country was created as a free state deserve our recognition and remembrance. While you are gazing starry eyed at the rockets’ red glare, take a minute to remember how lucky you are to live in a country with such great ideals underpinning it.
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