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Goodbye Winter Hello Spring Sale 2020

Across much of the northern hemisphere, you may have noticed a change in the weather coming on bit by bit. The snow and ice that have encased the world for the past few months is beginning to thaw, leaving the world wet and green. Flowers are beginning to make themselves known, and if your area is warm enough, you may have noticed the unwelcome return of those pesky mosquitoes.

All of this is just a roundabout way of saying that spring, in all her verdant glory, has sprung. And as the earth turns, so do the habits, fashions and styles of her inhabitants. Now is a great time to enjoy some nature, and it might help to pick out a new wardrobe that is well-suited to the new climate. To help with this, we are proud to announce that our annual spring sale will begin shortly. From the dates of March 21st through the 27th, you can shave a massive 20% off your entire cart. So why not spring into savings and let yourself bloom into a whole new you this year? Let’s look at what we have for sale, shall we?

Spring Sale

Wide Brimmed Sun Hats

Spring is a time of warm, sunny days. If you are headed out to the beach, the park, or anywhere else where the sun will be poised overhead, it pays to give a little early thought to the protection of your skin. With a wide brimmed sun hat from your friends here at, you can stay cool and look cool, all with one 20% discount!

Easter Hats

Peter Cottontail is on the way, kids. So give a little nod to this season’s time-honored stylistic traditions by picking up something Easter-y this year. Whether it is something as simple as a pastel colored baseball cap, or a more elaborate item (perhaps a custom embroidered hat emblazoned with a bit of Easter iconography?), it will be fun to Easter egg hunt for all the possibilities!

Straw Hats

Straw is an amazing material come springtime. It is lightweight, breathable, and gives us that outdoorsy, salt-of-the-earth type aesthetic in spades. We happen to have a huge selection of hats made from this rural, down-home material, so check them out to day. Make sure to make hay (or stray) while the sun shines, during our fabulous spring sale!

Spring Visors

Are you a simple man with simple tastes? We are right there with you on that one—our stylistic tastes defer towards the simple staples of fashion. Enter the visor: practical, light, cool. It gives plenty of protection for your face during those 18 holes, or day on the fishing boat, etc. Check out our wide selection today and save a fifth off all hats and visors!

Whatever your big plans this spring, make sure to stop and smell the roses. This is one of our favorite times a year: everything coming back alive, flowers blooming on the grass, people getting out into nature. There is already plenty to love about the season, but now with our awesome spring sale, there is even more!

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