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Halloween Hat Guide of Uniform and Hero Hats

Halloween Hat Halloween is one of the most magical times of year for a child. The leaves turn orange and the ground grows hard and frosty – and suddenly the idea of goblins, ghouls and witches is at the forefront of every young mind. Scowling pumpkins, zombie motifs, and haunted houses begin showing up everywhere and that childhood sense of wonder simply cannot help but be ignited. And of course, we haven’t even gotten to the best bit yet – the dress up! Thankful, we here at the internet’s most wicked place for hats and costumes have got a whole bag of treats (and tricks) for your Halloween Hat shopping pleasure.

Halloween Hat of Waldo Hats

Halloween Hat Halloween HatHalloween HatHalloween Hat Waldo is a character beloved by children and adults alike, and he makes for a simple yet intriguing costume come Halloween night. You certainly won’t be too hard to spot with an iconic stripped shirt and a red and white beanie from This makes the perfect Halloween hat to impress your friends and join in the masquerading fun. We even have a set that comes with his glasses and shirt. Check it out before they go missing again!

Mario and Luigi Hats

Halloween Hat Halloween HatHalloween HatHalloween Hat As we all know, kids love their video games, and now you can pick up a Halloween hat that lets them showcase their passion for fireballs and turtle shells with a Super Mario Bros hat from With the classic red or green newsboy hat, you’ll be stomping goombas and collection coins in no time. Just make sure you set aside some time to rescue that princess as well.

Captain and Sailor hats

Halloween HatHalloween HatHalloween Hat Do you have big nautical aspirations? Do you dream of the swell of the high seas and the adventure of sailing off into the horizon? Then we’ve got just the Halloween hat for you sailor! Whether you are an admiral, captain, or any other rank of worthy seaman (or woman), allow us to help outfit you in proper naval attire for your voyage to your local costume party.

Pirate and Viking hats

Halloween Hat Halloween HatHalloween HatHalloween Hat Not all sailors are as wholesome and well-intentioned however, and there is definitely a darker side to our nautical-themed Halloween hats and accessories. These involve some more nefarious historical stereotypes, first of which is the salty sea dog known to every child as the terrible pirate. Peg legs, eye patches, the parrot on the shoulder – the well-worn image of the sea-pirate is just begging to be made into a costume. Now you can be the most fearsome swashbuckler around with our awesome pirate Halloween hats. Don’t forget about the Vikings either— the most fearsome sea-warriors of all. With the iconic horn hat (perhaps not entirely historically accurate) you can recreate your own flight of the Valkyries!
Halloween Hat Whatever Halloween hat you decide to ultimately go with, make sure to take some time to help any young people in your life dress up and celebrate the holiday properly. Remember that it is an important time of year for all the kiddies out there, and let us here at the internet’s most haunted hat blog wish you all a happy All Hallows Eve!
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