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Introducing our trending Fedora Hats

2N0P0106 The West has long had a sort of “on again off again” love affair with the fedora. At times, it has come to symbolize different things, and gone in and out of style in a cycle that has at last become rather predictable. And guess what just happens to be in this fall, tightly enough on schedule that you could set your pocket watch by its return to popularity? You guessed it, this classic emblem of the mad men and the “Greatest generation” of the 40s and 50s is back and not mucking about this time around. Get in on the ground floor of retro-hip head accessories at Here’s looking at you kid!   Classic Solid Fedoras IMG_1388 _1281717135_4 kk002cf-navy-1 mw001cf-grey-1 At your most basic and symbolic, you have the solid color fedora. Often made of felt (or more lately, of straw or other breathable materials) these swank man-about-town headpieces are evocative of the old school gentleman and a masculine, business like disposition. For those with a bit more flamboyance and swag, check out the banded fedoras. Pro-tip: the band is for sticking a “feather in your cap”, both literally and figuratively. Whiskey on the rocks is not included!   Pork Pie hat IMG_1312_1329754758_10 br002pp-tan-1 Pork pies are so called because, while they quite nicely fit the category of ‘fedora’, their flattened crown and straight brim makes them appear a bit like a delicious meat pie when viewed from above. But before you take a bite, know that these aptly named chapeaus are as cool as they are colorful. Check out the massive selection of materials and colors and bring back a more elegant and refined period of history.   Patterned Fedoras pl003fd-gold-1 sz001mf-red-1 tk001mf-black-1 ws001mf-1_1 For those who want to ‘tip their hats’ towards tradition without fully embracing antiquated styles, there are fedoras with very loud and in your face designs, perfectly patterned for the outlandish individuality of the modern youth. Whether it is leopard skin print or a fedora sequined with rhinestones, your brash sensibilities are more than welcome here good sir or madam.   Bowler hat 2N0P0191 bw003tp-1 wt001tp-heather-1 Popular for both men and women, the bowler is another piece of headgear that comes with its own rather prestigious pedigree. Allusions to the high life or summering by the seaside are brought to the mind. Delicate, and yet somehow rugged, the bowler has been worn by noblemen and coachmen alike. While they mostly come in thick material like felt or wool, the modern interpretation includes lighter materials and more flamboyant styles. Check out the wide selection on our bowler page.   IMG_1265 Fashion is a fickle mistress, with fads as fragile as glass. A moment of disillusion or unpopularity can see some styles banished to the fringes, never to return to the good graces of modern consciousness. Then, there are other styles that never truly leave us, but only orbit back around to visit our culture at a later time. The fedora is one of those orbiters, and thus is an investment you will find yourself returning to time and again. Buy quality from and you’ll have a piece that will survive the long revolutions of fashion!  
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