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Looking for the perfect Hat for Halloween?!

costume Halloween is right around the corner and prudent trick or treaters have already started to put together their costumes. After all, if you want to be the king of candy corn this October, then a fabulous costume is priority number one. But what if you find yourself pumping a dry well when it comes time to reach deep into your imagination and come up with an original idea? Not to worry, not only are we here at purveyors of the finest headpieces around, but we also fancy ourselves as having a bit of a creative streak. Let’s brainstorm together shall we?   Captain or Sailor hats Cotton Yacht Emblem CapCotton Yacht Emblem Cap Adjustable Cotton Yacht Cap Sailor Hat-White Here at we are big fans of nautically themed costumes come the end of October. As such, we offer a wide variety of caps and hats that are perfectly suited for you seafaring idea. Whether you’d like cultivate the look of an urbane bourbon swilling riverboat captain, or would rather represent the sailing everyman with a lower ranking outfit, we’ve got just the thing for you. Aye aye matey!   Pirate hats Pirate hats Ahoy there landlubbers! If ye be interested in sailing the high seas in search of booty this Hallows eve, cast your eyes on, which has the finest pirate hats in all the seven seas! If ye be seeking treasure, why then, search no further! You’ve already stumbled across the most winsome grotto in all of the cyber-seas. Set your sights on a selection the likes of which Davey Jones would be proud to call his own!   Viking hats Caribbean Pirate Hat - Brown Wool Felt Tricorn Hats - Black _1271760961_6 Another famous sailor, and perhaps the most infamous and bloodthirsty in all of history, is the Viking! Famous for the (Perhaps historically inaccurate) horned helmets, Vikings are a mystical and revered symbol of western culture and the aggression that shaped early Europe. So cast off your long ship and get ready for an eternity feasting in the halls of Valhalla with a Viking cap from   Police Officer, Chauffeur Police Officer, Chauffeur Cotton Chauffeur Hat Soft Cotton Police Hat Stop right there! The police officer costume is as classically American as apple pie. Could anything be better than to serve and protect while stuffing your face with chocolate? If that is an affirmative then we are going to need you to proceed down to the section of police hats and pick out one from the lineup.   Uniform and Hero Whatever you decide to go as this Halloween, resist the urge to let another holiday pass without doing anything special. While dressing up in a costume can seem like a lot of hassle and a big time investment, marking these special occasions like Halloween creates a memory that you will treasure for a lifetime. Remember that time you dressed up as a ninja turtle, or the time your friend Jimmy went as Shaq to the middle school Halloween party? These are the type of things that, although a bit of effort is required, leave a lasting impression and stay with you for a very long time to come. Let us help you out by taking a bit of the work out of the equation, and start your costume with a headpiece from e4Hats!
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