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Military Hat Guide for Memorial Day

Military Hat The last Monday in May is a day that we as a nation set aside to honor the men and women who served and died while wearing the uniforms of our armed services. One need only see the white tombstones of Arlington National cemetery to realize the gravity and importance of this national holiday. In order to allow the nation time to reflect, a three day weekend lets the rest of us enjoy the freedom and leisure that exists thanks to those who died to protect it. To get into the Memorial Day mood, we here at are showcasing our wide selection of military hats. Why not grab a military hat today and be ready to enjoy that barbeque or day at the lake in a way that reminds you of why you’re there?

Trucker Military Hat

Military Hat The trucker cap is an icon of American fashion sensibility; what better accessory to transform into a military hat just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. Made from mesh in the back in order to be more breathable, these caps can be custom embroidered with a military design or symbol, creating the perfect military hat to honor our troops.

Bucket Military Hat

Military HatMilitary HatMilitary HatMilitary Hat Versatile and rugged, the bucket hat has become a sort of military hat in its own right. It is manufactured to be durable, protective against the elements, and easy to store and carry when space is limited. If you are looking for a military hat that will have you fitting right in with a group of armed servicemen, a bucket hat from should be your first choice.

Military Caps

Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat Military hats come in all sorts of different shapes and styles, and we’ve got them all in formation, ready for your inspection. We’ve got designs the Navy, Air Force, Army, and Special Forces to suit whatever branch of military hat you find most suitable.

Outdoor Military Hat

Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat Military Hat A good military hat will stand you in good stead no matter how hostile the environment. Whether at sea, in the desert, or patrolling through deep jungle, a resistant, protective military hat can add that little extra bit of comfort and security. Check out our wide selection of outdoor military hats – from camo outback hats to custom-embroidered ten-gallon cowboy hats- we’ve got you covered soldier!
Military Hat While the three day weekend is best used for getting together with friends and family and perhaps tossing back a few cold beers on the deck, let us not forget the much deeper significance of this day of rest and reflection. The freedom and ease we enjoy so much have been hard won by generations of men who fought gallantly to protect it. So many lives have been lost in the pursuit of something better, of some pure ideal that we should continue to uphold. These men gave their lives so that we might have a better tomorrow. Join us here at in honoring the fallen. Let’s pray for peace and make the future even brighter— just make sure to temper that brightness with a military hat from the internet’s leading provider of hats and accessories!
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