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A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hat Gift Ideas for Mom. mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If the holiday has snuck up on you this year, don’t worry. You still have time to get your mom something really special. Women’s hats make great gifts for anyone because they allow the wearer to create stylish and unique looks easily. Keep reading to find hat gift ideas for mom that are trendy and hot this spring and summer season.

beach   Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #1: Floppy Hats

The nice thing about floppy hats as a Mother’s Day gift idea is that they are very versatile. These hats can go from errand running to the beach with no second thought. Floppy hats add an air of femininity no matter what color they may be. Go ahead and find out what your mother’s favorite color is and get her a floppy hat in that shade. She’ll love it!

IMG_1173   Mother's Day Gift Ideas #2: Wide Brim Sun Hats

Similar to the floppy hat in the fact that it has a wide brim, the wide brim on this hat is stiffer to help protect delicate skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. If your mother loves spending time outdoors gardening or lying by the pool, the wide brim sun hat is a great choice.

             IMG_1276       IMG_0635   Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #3: Rain Hats

Contrary to what their name implies, rain hats aren't just for wearing in the rain, although they do a great job of keeping you dry. The droopy, girly look of this style of hat lends a casual feel to any outfit. If your mother is the fun-loving type who doesn't mind splashing in the puddles on occasion, the droopy rain hat makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

IMG_0874 IMG_0988   Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #4: Knitted Hats & Beanies

While knitted hats and beanies are also a great style for winter, lighter-weight, more lacy type versions work well with springtime attire. Beanies create a more youthful appearance that’s comfortable and easy to wear. Of course, this style of hat comes in every color of the rainbow and then some, and they are relatively cheaper in price than many other types of hats, so you may want to get your mom a couple to let her pick and choose.

     bs007tb-mustard-1   wr008tb-olive-1   wd008tb-ivory-silver-1   ht001sk-1 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas #5: Headscarves and Turbans

Ranging in stylish inclination from ethnic-inspired to retro to neo-modern, turbans, headscarves and bandannas are a hot trend this spring and summer season. These types of hats have the ability to change the entire look of an outfit and can be matched or contrasted with the ensemble to really make a bold statement. If your mother is a bold personality that enjoys making an impact on others, a turban or wrap is definitely a Mother’s Day hat idea to consider.


Even if your mother has never worn head wear before, choosing a hat that fits her personality and lifestyle can transform her into a fan of hats. The list above is a great starting place, but use your own judgment, as anything goes as far as hats are concerned. You know your mom best, so choose a hat that you know she’ll love.

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