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New Patch Caps

We sometimes live in a bit of a “cookie-cutter” world when it comes to fashion. It can be challenging to find a style that is unique to you. To be able to broadcast a message that is all your own, and not the result of a mass-produced item from some big chain store, it takes a little extra effort. Now, with the help of your friends here at the one-of-a-kind offices of, you can have it your way once and for all! We are talking about our new patch caps, of course. We’ve got them coming out of our ears. And if you are looking for a bit of flair for your cap this season, look no further. Just scroll down below and check out all the original items we have for sale!

Patch Caps

Flag Embroidered Cap and Patch Caps

Do you find that a particular place on the planet stirs your pride? Let us help you showcase that patriotism by slapping your favorite flag onto the front of one of our new patch caps. You’ll be the toast of your compatriots, walking around town featuring the symbol of home sweet home. Check them out today and get your patriotism on!

Romantic Embroidered Cap and Patch Caps

Love is in the air this February, and Valentine’s day is a great time to get your hands on some loving fashion. Our new patch caps feature all kinds of symbols of love and romance. If you are looking to get stuck by cupid’s arrows this year, these new and fashionable gift ideas may be just the trick.

Sports Embroidered Cap and Patch Caps

Sports are a big deal. These dramatic displays of human nobility, endurance, and ability are more than just a bit of entertainment—they represent our values. Now you can proudly display the symbols and mottos of your favorite sport on one of our new patch caps.

Symbolic Embroidered Cap and Patch Caps

Symbols and emblems are a potent form of human expression. All kinds of complex ideas can be represented quickly and simply with the power of the symbol. So, when we arranged our new patch cap selection, we gave a lot of thought to what signs and symbols might move you. Even if you can’t find it in our store, our custom embroidered cap section is waiting for your unique or novel idea. Just drop us a line!

Veteran Embroidered Cap and Patch Caps

If you or someone you know has served their country in an armed conflict, chances are they are proud of the sacrifices they made. Not only does pride play a role, but our veterans often have a need to locate others who have been through similar experiences. Check out our new veteran patch caps today!

However you decide to display your unique and individual style, make sure you give our new patch cap section a browse. We’ve got everything you need to break out of the cookie cutter fashion prison and display a bit of your own inner peacock this spring.

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