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A Simple Guide for a Great Father's Day Gift

Quick Tips for the Perfect Father's Day Gift. baby-22194_640 Dear old Dad doesn’t get much in the way of holidays, parades, or music dedicated to all his hard work and support. Showing our appreciation for the man that raised us isn't always easy, and emotions may be more of the "strong and silent type" when it comes to telling Papa how we feel. While there is no replacement for a heart to heart, a fine, practical gift never hurts to let Dad know that we care. This Father's Day, show your old man you were thinking of him with a thoughtful and stylish headpiece from Dads tend to respect gifts that they can make use of- handiness over pizazz. Let's toss around some ideas.
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  Hats for the World's Best Dad A cap that reads "World's Best Dad" is the sweetest kind of hyperbole. Your father will know that, at least in the mind of his beloved son or daughter, he is the greatest. These stylish caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and embroidered with an assortment of personalized messages.  
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  Hats for Golfing Dads There are plenty of dads out there who enjoy squeezing in 18 holes on a lovely June day, so why not cater to this fatherly habit with one of our cool hats for golfing? If your dad is fair skinned, help him get some protection from the summer sun with one of our special UV blocking caps, complete with a neck flap to prevent a nasty sunburn. man-691830_640   Hats for Fishing Dads For the angling dads out there we have a special selection of stylish hats for floating through a Sunday. A water resistant bucket hat has just the kind of durable and protective material that Pop needs as he does battle with the elements and that "big fish" he is always going on about. Or, get two and take to the lake together.
IMG_1420     IMG_1438
  Hats for the Gentlemen Dad Not all dads are outdoor enthusiasts- some might prefer the charm of a stroll through city streets, stopping for a cocktail and a chat with their sons and daughters. For these proud pops we have the pork-pie, bowler, and fedora to meet the demands of a stylish senior.
mens-hats-730168_640  IMG_1454
  Hats for the Traveling Dad A Panama hat is the perfect thing for the globetrotting father. He has worked his whole life to provide for you and your family, and now he is taking some time for himself to see new things. Make sure he does it in style with this straw hat of South American origin (Ecuador, not Panama!) that just screams: "Here is a man of the world." baby-539970_640 Dads need to feel special too, and while there are flowers and cards given out on every Mother's Day, showing your affection for your father through a unique gift can be a little challenging. A practical present like a hat is something a man can use every day, and every time he does he will have good cause to think of his treasured son or precious daughter.
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