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A Simple Guide to Wedding Fashion

Wedding Bells are Ringing. wedding-443600_640 Who doesn’t love a good wedding? The food, the dancing, the romance in the air- weddings are not only a profound declaration of love and loyalty, but also fantastic venues for you to sport your best formal wear. No fashionable nuptial ceremony can be complete without cake, a few tears, and of course, charming wedding hats! Whether you are a groomsman, a bridesmaid, or just hanging out in the back and trying to avoid that timeless question: “so when are YOU going to get married?”, it pays to know which accessories are trending this wedding season. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in wedding fashion: IMG_1146 Fascinator Don’t be put off by the futuristic name, as these hats are a time-honored classic. Sometimes called a ‘cocktail hat’, fascinators are typically worn at fancy events like the Kentucky Derby. The fascinator is the perfect formal accessory for ladies attending a wedding, and there is a dizzying selection to choose from. Because of the wide variety of shapes, colors and arrangements, fascinators can really illuminate one’s personal style with originality and flair. lady-650400_640 Fashion Sinamay Hats These petit women’s hats originally hail from the Far East, where ladies used traditional weaving methods to transform the strong fibers of the abaca plant into an elegant fashion accessory. Now that the style has reached the states, these hats are popularly worn in church, at high-status affairs, and are often seen in the pews at eloquent wedding ceremonies.

            hat-315347_640      IMG_1261

Fedoras We all want to be at our most dashing at a wedding, and there is no better way for men to draw attention than with that classic fedora- symbolizing cool characters from prohibition gangsters to Indiana Jones himself. Make sure to tip your brim towards the happy couple!
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Bowler Hats Sheik, elegant, and properly English, the bowler hat is the perfect thing to finish off your gentlemanly wedding attire. For many, this debonair headpiece is a subtle nod to class and dignity. For others, there are always feathers to stick in the band for a little added flair and pizzazz. IMG_1420 Trilby Hats The trilby is a narrow brimmed hat similar to the fedora, also popularized by the English (they seem to have this hat thing down to a science). With a sort of rough-around-the-edges type of hipness, these hats capture a retro look that will fit right in at any classy wedding party. IMG_1426 Pork Pie Hats Some things never really go out of style- flat-crowned pork pie hats are as fresh and delicious as their name implies. These classically sheik headpieces will give you that old-school cool look that suits any nuptial celebration. wedding-688924_640 There is nothing that will gather people together quite as well as the time-honored wedding ceremony. It is a thing as traditional as it is modern, evolving along with our changing society, and yet many of its staples remain the same- the cake, the dancing, the vows, and the gracefully elegant formal wear. Hope you catch that bouquet!
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