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Snowboarding Hats and Winter Trip Hats

Snowboarding Hats We are quickly ramping up to the biggest holiday of the year, but there is still a small window left to get your Christmas shopping in before Santa makes his epic flight. If you’ve missed our Cyber/Green Monday sales, have no fear, we have something big planned for the days after Christmas. Look for more details on the “After Xmas Sale” coming soon.Some of us like to stay at home and quietly sip a bit of eggnog over Christmas. Still others prefer to use their time off for something a bit more “extreme”. After all, wintertime is full of some thrilling outdoor activities. With that in mind we will be taking a look at some Snowboarding Hats this week in furtherance of all your Christmastime adventures on the powdery slopes of the world!

Snowboarding Hats and Balaclavas

Snowboarding Hats Snowboarding HatsSnowboarding HatsSnowboarding Hats While technically not a snowboarding hat, the facemask or “balaclava” is an important piece of equipment to have when you are flying down the ice at 30+ miles per hour. In order to keep your face from blistering and generally being exposed to the harsh elements up on the mountain, check out our wide selection of winter facemasks in an assortment of cool patterns and styles— it might save you a penny or two in Chap Stick!


Snowboarding Hats Snowboarding HatsSnowboarding HatsSnowboarding Hats The kind of snowboarding hat you are probably more accustomed to seeing is often called a Ski Beanie or “Chullo”. These are thick, heavy-duty snowboarding hats made to keep a warm and durable layer of insulation between you and the elements in harsh conditions. They are not only toasty warm, but also lend themselves to all sorts of creative shapes and designs. Grab a panda Ski Beanie to bring your child’s cuteness to an unbearable level, or just go with something colorful to help people identify you when you are all bundled up for the slopes.

Winter Trooper Hats

Snowboarding Hats Snowboarding HatsSnowboarding HatsSnowboarding Hats Police aren’t the only people who get to have a monopoly on these stylish and warm headpieces. The Trooper hat also happens to double as a fantastic snowboarding hat, and works well in really extreme conditions like the kind you are likely to find on the peaks. We recommend these for our customers who find that they are extra sensitive to the chilly grip of Jack Frost this winter.

Bands and warmers

Snowboarding Hats Snowboarding HatsSnowboarding HatsSnowboarding Hats If snowboarding hats aren’t what you are looking for this late in the season, we’ve got plenty of other accessories to keep your stockings stuffed. Bands and warmers make great small presents or party favors for the holidays, and help keep us warm without being too bulky and hard to pack. Sometimes, even those of us headed to the chilliest of climates want to pack light. Check out our wide selection of bands and grab something to suit your mobile winter plans.
Snowboarding Hats Whether you are sitting fireside this Christmas or packing your bags for some far-flung ski resort, let us here at take the guesswork out of your snowboarding hats and accessories. Happy holidays to all of you!  
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